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Isaiah 56:10-11 says, Israel's watchman are blind, they all acknowledge; they're all mute to ask, they cannot bark; they lie around and dream, they love to sleep.

Their dogs with mighty appetites; they never have enough, they are shepherds who lack understanding;  they all turned to their own way, each seeks his own gain.

The watchman were the nations leaders. The leaders of Israel were blind to every danger. Apathetic about their peoples needs, they were more concerned about satisfying their own greed. Leaderships special privileges can cause leaders either to sacrifice for the good of their people or to sacrifice their people for their own greed. If you are in a leadership position, you do for the good of your people.

God bless

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  • How right you are, Brother! It seems that our current batch of leaders, except for a precious few, have the same self-serving attitudes as the Israelite leaders.I'm talking both in the political world and the religious one. How many of our politicians here or abroad would you really trust to set aside their own quest for power, fame, and money to truly focus on helping their constituents? And, how many leaders in the church, every church, fall victim, generally in a very public way, to sins of the flesh and are motivated the same as the politicians? The only answer is to turn to God, to ask Him to raise up good leaders for us to follow, and to be as Godly a leader as He expects us to be in our own sphere of influence, no matter how small or large that is.

    To follow the path He has set out for each of us to the utmost of our ability, that needs to be our one true goal in this life, so we learn everything we can in preparation for our next life.

    • Amen Rolf, you already know my attitude toward this, the original disciples and the Gospel were a breath of fresh air in the corruption that abounded in Judaism under the Romans.  As time went by the corruption started to affect the Christian Church, the church was shoe-horned into the existing pagan religions of Rome and Europe, and nothing has changed today.  Jesus would not recognise His church today, the days we celebrate, the perversions that are accepted with openly gay people in the Ministry, the acceptance of same sex marriage, false teaching that all are saved no matter what.   Pastors that should be above reproach issue lies to the media in self interest, priests using their position to abuse children and so much more.

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