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We know that people will take advantage of the church. Recently, I was in a service where a young woman showed up asking for ‘food’ and I overheard one member saying that the congregation had already helped her once. The woman had sat next to me during the service. She asked me if I could help her with ‘just food.’ I realize that some advise people not to give money to those who are ‘begging’ while others advise that it’s not for us to judge the person but to give if we’re able to give. My thoughts that day were that this woman’s problems go far deeper and she wasn’t just wanting to scam people for money. I tried to focus in on her as an individual and see her spiritual needs but also saw that she had zero self esteem/self respect. 

The fact that she was willing to show up at a church service to beg demonstrates to me that she was willing to endure humiliation, judgment and scrutiny as though that was nothing new to her. How would you treat someone in this situation? 

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  • I think it would be amazing to take her out for dinner and then grocery shopping. I hope that humiliation doesn't have to  be part of us being generous to the needs of those around us.

    • It’s just that it occurred to me that she didn’t really need ‘food’ but I could be wrong. I’m just going on what transpired in my encounter with her. Everyone needs money, don’t they, lol. I wish that I could’ve just somehow given her some self respect back. That’s what stayed with me about her. I pray for her.

      • Discernment would have given you the information needed.

        • Agreed, Dr. Blake. It can be difficult to hear the still small voice over all the other voices clamoring for attention. Our hearts tell us one thing and our heads tell us another and both might not be in agreement with God’s will. We aren’t supposed to live in our feelings and I felt I needed to give something. There was a hot meal being served after the service so that was ‘food’ but she was still begging in spite of knowing that. 

          • We surely must learn to recognise the master's voice, you sat you cannot hear His voice, yet you also say that some of those voices are not in agreement with God.  So we choose the voice that does, so you can discern.


            • God speaks to us through the canon of scripture and we also need Holy Spirit’s guidance and help to understand God’s will and the meaning of the written word. That requires reading it and searching it which is part of what it means to be abiding in Christ. 

  • I'm not sure that's what  calling an advantage is bout. Yes maybe she's been helped once but it doesn't mean she's tryna take advantage on the church . We have lot of folks going through so much in this world.  I love the fact she's not ashamed to ask for help . I think she's very brave and I appreciates and respect her for not letting the judgements from others starve her out. If you know this person in anyway,  I'd be happy to be of assistance to her and be able to set something for her where she'd be able to make earns meet from. Whatever stops her from begging . Thanks. 

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