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Hi folks, In June my ministry is sponsoring a Mini Conference for young men (15 - 30ish) with older men attending too. There will be three men speaking on different aspects of leadership with the goal of calling out young christian men to step above the low expectations our culture has for them. I will set up a table that will be manned by one or two of my sons that will have free literature. 

My question..... out of these six booklets  which do you think young men would be most interested in who will be attending the Conference.

Thanks for taking time to share your input.


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  • Bearing in mind the audience, my choice would be The Twelve Disciples Pamphlet, The life of Paul and The Book of Acts.  These pamphlets are about strong men of the faith, the Disciples were all ordinary guys, working men, fishermen, tax collectors, a doctor, people that other men could identify with.  The story of Paul shows how someone can change and become the pole that held up the tent of the faith, especially as he was a tent maker. The Book of Acts is exciting and inspiring book that shows how these ordinary men developed and grew in their faith.

  • My top 3, in order, would be: Basic Church History Timeline, Spiritual Gifts, and The Life of Paul. They all sound good, tho, so you really couldn't go wrong!

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