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Marian apparitions?


For centuries there has been many sighting, or claims of sightings of, what is thought to be Mary (Miriam) the blessed mother of the Lord Jesus. Nearly all of us have heard about some of these.  A prime example would be the happening near Lourdes, France, in 1858, when a young girl, named Bernadette evidently seen an apparition of Mary.  The dominant churches of the region usually have a local bishop investigate and certain procedures are followed to ascertain the validity of a sighting.  Both the Catholic church, in the west, and the Coptic church in Egypt, have declared some of these sightings to be valid.  To my mind some of these seem to be genuine sightings of something.  Are these genuine sightings of Mary or could some of them be of a demonic nature instead?  Satan can disguise himself as an angel of light.  What do you think?

Sometimes the apparition leaves a message to the witnesses or even something of a physical nature.  We see this with the "Lady of Guadalupe"story.  This was a Marian apparition/sighting in Mexico of 1531, by an indian named Juan.  The apparition told him to collect some roses, which he wrapped up in his cloth "tilma", which afterwards had an image of Mary on it.  This image is still being studied.  It seems to be miraculous.   Obviously there is something special in many of these sightings.


Getting back to the messages that are said to be heard coming from these apparitions of Mary....  Sometimes things are heard that could be deemed unbiblical and this is debated too.   Although Mary was highly blessed by God (Luke 1:48....."he took notice of his lowly servant girl, and from now on all generations will call me blessed."), she is not to be worshiped.  What is your opinion on this?

Pastor Zomok

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    I am Jehovah; that is My name; and I will NOT give My GLORY to ANOTHER, nor My praise to engraved images. (Isaiah 42:8)

    Do not deal corruptly, and make for yourselves a graven image, a likeness of any figure, the form of a male or female, (Deuteronomy 4:16)

    You shall not make a graven image for you, any likeness of anything in the heavens above, or in the earth beneath, and in the waters from under the earth. (Deuteronomy 5:8)

    All who serve graven images are shamed, those who boast themselves in idols; all gods bow down before Him. (Psalms 97:7)

    You shall not make idols to yourselves; and you shall not set up for yourselves graven images, or a memorial pillar. And you shall not place any stone image in your land, to bow yourselves to it; for I am Jehovah your God. (Leviticus 26:1)



    “On a historical note, it is highly revealed that it was not until the Council of Trent in A. D. 1547 that the Roman Catholic Church proclaimed the sinless ness of Mary as dogma (set of beliefs that a religion holds to be true). Furthermore, most of the significant doctrines (ideas taught as to be truthful or correct) concerning Mary have been declared (confirmed) in little more than the past 100 years.” In this lies the truth about much of Catholic doctrine: Over the years it has been developed, added to, and distorted not by the apostles, the Scriptures, or God, but by men.

    So, if you ask me why I would be critical of the Catholic Church. This is why.


    "Since Mary is Jesus’ mother, it must be concluded that she is also the Mother of God: If Mary is the mother of Jesus, and if Jesus is God, then Mary is the Mother of God. There is no way out of this logical syllogism, the valid form of which has been recognized by classical logicians since before the time of Christ.

    Although Mary is the Mother of God, she is NOT HIS MOTHER in the sense that she is OLDER than God or the SOURCE of her Son’s DIVINITY, for she is NEITHER. Rather, we say that she is the Mother of God in the sense that she CARRIED in her womb a DIVINE person—Jesus Christ, God "in the flesh" (2 John 1:7, cf. John 1:14)—and in the sense that she contributed the genetic matter to the HUMAN FORM God took in Jesus Christ." Or did she? How could she have being made up of sinful flesh from the curse of the fall upon all mankind and Jesus was without spot or blemish! Mary could not have contributed anything to the Christ except as a holding place till he was seemingly born as all mortal men!


    Mary, the mother of Jesus, appears in Scripture only in these verses, and never in any position of ministry: The mother of Jesus Mat 1:16; (Luk 1:26-38; 2:5-19). Visits her cousin, Elisabeth (Luk 1:39-56). Attends the feast at Jerusalem with her husband and her son, starts back on the return, misses Jesus, seeks and finds him in the temple area (Luk 2:48-51). Is present with Jesus at a marriage feast in Cana of Galilee (Joh 2:1-10). Seeks Jesus when he is teaching in a house (Mat 12:46,47); (Mar 3:31); (Luk 8:19). Present at the cross (Joh 19:25-27). Is committed to the care of (John, Joh 19:27). Lives with the disciples in Jerusalem (Act 1:14). Prophecies concerning (Isa 7:14); (Luk 2:35).

  • In most all cases, these apparitions are the product of the mind, which is a powerful organ when it comes to seeing what is not there.  I don't doubt that some of these are God sent 'visions' in order to get someone's attention.  I have to ask, why would God forbid us any sort of contact with the dead and then send one back to give us a message, or just stand there.  Bernadette Soubirous was a simple girl of very little to no education, and spoke little French, she was a also a sickly girl, but most significant of all, was already a Roman Catholic and doubtless had been indoctrinated by her local church.  However Lourdes has benefited from the visions as one of the tourist attractions of the French Pyrenees.  An estimated 200 million people have visited the shrine since 1860. The Roman Catholic Church has officially recognized 67 of those as miracle healings, the 67th of which was the cure of Anna Santaniello in 1952.  67 out of 200 million do not seem to be good odds to me, and are within the bracket of pure chance or misdiagnosis. I am always amazed as to how easy to delude people really are.  Hundreds of buses leave the UK for Lourdes every year and I know several who have made the journey.  They arrive back loaded down with souvenirs and pseudo-religious artifacts, such bottles of water from the grotto (the only grotto to be blessed with fluoride) and little wooden (plywood) crosses with a paper image of Mary stuck to them.

    This of course is the problem with the Roman Church, the second of the Ten Commandments instructs us not to bow down (worship) to any image of anything on the face of the Earth, so my opinion is that this is one way Satan tricks us into breaking this second commandment.  As I have posted before, the Greek Orthodox Church is full of icons, carvings and pictures of more saints than you can shake a stick at.  The Greeks not only bow to these images, but they kiss them and pray directly to them, and Greece has more holy places than anywhere else.

    • The Roman Catholic church changed the ten commandments to accommodate their Idolatry.

    • I essentially agree with your evaluation Derek. It also is needless clutter. And I am for simplicity, which is more beautiful.

    • A neighbor down the road has a little grotto in their yard. I think it's a grotto. I wouldn't know what else to call it. It has a picture of Mary or their interpretation of what Mary looks like. I didn't know what it was at first. They have lit candles and different offerings. I don't see how that pleases God.

      God's Love,



        (1 Corinthians 12:2) you know that when you were PAGANS you were LED astray (away from God) to mute IDOLS (Idolatry; any man-made representations of Gods or to possess powers of Divinity), however you were led. I am JEHOVAH; that is my name; and I will NOT give MY glory to ANOTHER, or MY praise to engraved IMAGES. (Isaiah 42:8) Do not deal CORRUPTLY, and make FOR yourselves a graven IMAGE, a LIKENESS of ANY figure, the FORM of a MALE or FEMALE, (Deuteronomy 4:16) You shall NOT make a graven IMAGE for you, ANY likeness of ANYTHING in the HEAVENS above, or in the EARTH beneath, and IN the waters from under the EARTH. (Deuteronomy 5:8). ALL who SERVE (pay heed to) graven IMAGES are SHAMED, those who BOAST themselves in IDOLS; all of Gods bow down before him. (Psalms 97:7) You shall NOT make IDOLS to yourselves; and you shall NOT set up for yourselves graven IMAGES (an image to worship by as a God), or a memorial PILLAR. And you shall NOT place any stone IMAGE in your land, to BOW yourselves to it; for I am JEHOVAH your God. (Leviticus 26:1) "An ICON of CHRIST reveals to us the ORIGINAL", but the icon was MADE by an ARTIST that has NEVER seen the original, JESUS besides the SURROGATE in NO way is resembles the ORIGINAL, this is an OFFENCE to GOD. Have we lost our REASONING? Why do you think God is so strongly AGAINST idolatry? If KNEELING in front of ICONS and IDOLS is NOT idolatry, why then do Muslims accuse CATHOLICS of being IDOLATROUS? When men KNEEL before ANYTHING, except GOD, for RELIGIOUS purposes, it becomes a VIOLATION of God’s HONOR and GLORY. Yet this VIOLATION is NOT there if men were to kneel before MEN as part of a CIVIL honor (and without religious purpose). The DIFFERENCE between the TWO kneeling’s is that the FORMER is done for RELIGION, while the LATTER is for CIVIL purposes. The FORMER is a reverential ACT coupled with RELIGION and thus something DIVINE which is GOD’S alone. The LATTER is also a reverential ACT, yet it is NOT coupled with RELIGION, and does NOT have the IMAGE of GOD as its CORE, and therefore CANNOT take away the HONOR and GLORY due to GOD. If one KNEELS in front of an IMAGE or STATUE saying that he prays NOT to the graven IMAGE, but THROUGH it to GOD, are we NOT cutting here logical obedient THINKING too CLOSELY so as to be BELIEVED, for we are told by SCRIPTURE: For God is ONE, also there is ONE mediator of GOD and of MEN, the man CHRIST JESUS, (1 Timothy 2:5)


        Bible Gateway passage: 1 Corinthians 12:2 - English Standard Version
        You know that when you were pagans you were led astray to mute idols, however you were led.
      • ANYTHING that one imagines of GOD apart FROM CHRIST is only useless thinking and VAIN IDOLATRY. --Martin Luther

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