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Please help me find god again

Hi all I am new, this is my first ever Christian forum.
When I was younger, I went to church with my grandma.
You know where they do that thing where they put their hand on your head and you fall over? I don't know what that is called.
Anyway, I volunteered for that, I felt a calling for it. And when the pastor put his hand on my head I felt a shock through my entire body, fell over and felt the love of christ flow through me.
This was when I was about 10. And now (at 31)
I am still feeling those shock waves.
However, I have been subconsciously fighting them. Please pray for me.
Please help me find god again. I feel him but cannot reach him!

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  • I think this is an issue we all encounter in one form or another.

    What worked for me was when I started learning more and reading more. It gets kinda scary when you learn deeper into the word of God. Like I told my wife, the stronger my walk with God gets, the more of a scumbag I realize I am.

    His words have convicted me and changed my heart. Although I'm still a work in progress, I'm getting better. I find some deep reaching healing and piece when I dig into the Word.

    Ask me questions and I will do my best to answer.


  • I can just reach out to you and let you know I and every other believing Christian rejoices over your reaching out and we are all here to help and guide you into the faith. See the message I'm sending you shortly with some ideas here for you. Get to know others here and make friends. Let the Lord Jesus DIRECT your search thru the Holy Spirit. Walk in love for our Father and others. Be filled with joy!

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