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Suicides: Do they go to Heaven?

I realize a while back there was a discussion on this topic, but I am sorry I can't seem to find it and I can't remember if there was any agreement as to the outcome in such a situation as this.  I am asking again now for clarification on this topic because I was asked this question today by a friend who I was talking with about a lady who was in the depression and anxiety group I had attended in the past.  I was notified earlier today that she had passed away after being hospitalized when her son came home and found her collapsed in the floor unconscious.  Apparently she had slid back into the life of drug abuse and become in an ever increasing state of depression.  She overdosed on her b/p medicine which left her comatose and on life support for a week until she passed yesterday morning.  I wonder is she will ever be peaceful???

Thank you for any light you might be able to shed on the subject for me.  I don't like my thoughts or my feelings on this subject because I was brought up that suicide is the ultimate sin because you cannot or are not able to ask forgiveness for it.  

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  • I think it depends on the reason.

    Like, you get people who do it by themselves, because they're depressed or sick or whatever. And other people are depending on them for something, like being a dad or husband or son or friend, or even finances or whatever, and that person cuts them off permanently, and so they get called selfish, like they did it for totally selfish reasons.

    But you've also got the thing that says there's nothing more self sacrifical than laying down your life for others. So say you've got a war situation and your squad can retreat to safety if you stay behind and blow something up and the only way involves killing yourself too. Or you knowingly jump in front of a bus or train to push somebody out of the way and you'll be the one to go down instead. It's basically suicide, you know what's going to happen, but it's for the reason of saving somebody else.

    But then say you've got a person who thinks they're a drag. Like, they're toxic, they think they bring everybody down, maybe they even know they're a serious threat. Like, violent. Maybe can't help sex assaults. And so they think people would be better or safer without them, and they go into it thinking they're doing the same thing as the war guy or the bus guy, laying down their lives for the sake of others by taking out the threat of their existence. You know, protecting others from themselves, so those people can have a better life.

    I mean, that's probably not always the case, but it could be, and they might be thinking about it all wrong too, but they could be right. So if they think the enemy is themselves rather than somebody or something else, well, couldn't it be taken the same way as the soldier and the guy on the street?

    I dont know. Probly nobody can. But I'm pretty sure reason plays into it, even if they thought it all out wrong. Heart matters, yeah?

    • I think you will find Michael, with the exception of laying down one's life for others - sacrificial, that all suicide is 'selfish' in one way or another.  Having worked with people who are paedophiles and abusers, I can tell you that it is almost unheard of for one to commit suicide for any noble reason.  Their reasons are often of pure guilt that they cannot live with any more, or because they cannot face going to prison again, where their lives would be pure hell.

      It is a selfish act because they do not consider the effect on others. family, friends etc.  Suicide is rarely a logical decision but an emotional one, often when the balance of the mind is disturbed and incapable of logical thought process.  Suicides leave behind both emotional and practical devastation in a family, insurance never pays out on suicide so one big issue is often financial, but the greatest affect is the void it leaves in people's lives, and the guilt it generates.  Those left behind often start to blame themselves for the tragedy, wondering if it was something they did or said, or should they have talked more, supported them more and so on.  Mostly suicide is a selfish act.

      • Brother Derek, Regarding suicide and selfishness, in my attemp many years ago it was absolutely a selfish act on my part, but also a plea for help and attention from my husband.  I got it in spades and it was not good. What I got was a lot of anger anger that lingers still with a good deal of distrust.  I  now know the Importance of communication.

  • Terry, I do not think it is for us to know the complete truth of this matter, my dad took his life when I was 10, ;eaving my sister in a terrible cond, because she was left in the house by my mother who ran out the door, to a neighbors for help, not thinking rationally enough to take my sister with her, so she saw our dad laying in a pool of his own blood, and for many years, this really messed her up, but Praise the Lord, she with Gods help and many counselors, finally came out of it, and is now living a normal life. My dad had been radically saved many years prior, but was in a backslidden cond, when this occured, but, I have never worried about him, I simply leave him in the hands of a Just God. 

    • I am sure that God shows His mercy to those who have committed suicide whilst their minds were corrupted with worries.  He is a gratious God who shows mercy to those who have obtained salvation, no matter when; He sees into our hearts and our minds.


      • Suicide seems to be happening at epic propotions nowdays, so many young people taking their lives, it is so very sad, we need to be praying against the spirit of suicide, God has given us authority over it as well as alll the other evils that are out there, we need to be about the Fathers business, like never before. God bless you all for the work that you are doing.

        • Amen, Gayla, one factor here in the UK that seems to be at the core of so many young people committing suicide is gender dysphoria.  This I blame on the government pushing the policy of gender reassignment, even to five year old's, it is causing so much confusion that the youngsters feel like freaks, so they are easy prey for Satan's demons.


          • That is horrible, I don't think it is so widely accepted here in the US, and for that I am profoundly thankful, however the thing that seems to be taking so many of our youngsters is bullying. It seems like I am seeing at least one per month come across my Facebook feed, having ended their young lives.

  • Until half a century ago suicide was illegal here in the UK, I don't remember anyone who succeeded being arrested though, but people could get arrested and taken to court for attempted suicide.  People who committed suicide here were not allowed to be buried  in sanctified ground, that's a church cemetery.  The lay laws were repealed here but God's law remains in force.

    "Do you not know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you? If anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy him. For God's temple is holy, and you are that temple." [1 Corinthians 3:16-17]

    Of course another description of suicide is 'self murder' which is covered under the Ten Commandments, "You shall not murder,"  The unforgivable sin is a sin against the Holy Spirit, basically once experiencing the indwelling of the Spirit it is the denial of the existence of that Spirit.  However, destroying the temple of the Spirit, may count as a denial.

  • Thank each one who has responded to my questions,  Bless you as well for caring enough to try to help with my confusion.

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