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The Godhead and Trinity


One of the main reason Jehovah Witnesses (and a few others) play down the divinity of Jesus is that they have trouble with the philosophy of 'being' (Ontology).  They view God as like a large HUMAN person, with one personality.  There is a tendency to equate 'being' with 'personality', but some beings and creatures have really no personality at all...and no self awareness.  I would suggest a fly is just a biological robot, whereas dogs and people almost always have one personality.  God has more than one.  We see the working together of 3 at the baptism of Jesus and we know that God is Elohim...a God of pluralities, powers, and majesties.  One thing I have also noted is that within the Godhead there exists subbordination of the 'Son' to the 'Father' but this does not imply that Jesus was created by the Father or is a lower being, anymore than a mans wife is a lower being than he is, yet we know that the husband is suppose to be the head of the household.  The wife is not a lower creature!!!!!

Because JWs (and a few others) have problems with this they will strain at a few scriptures that could be used to make Jesus (the Logos) ontologically inferior.  For example JWs will sometimes use Colossians 1:15 (First born over all creation) as evidence that the Logos was the first thing created, however, they ignore what follows as its says that 'through him all things were created...'   The term "firstborn" is actually a title of inheritance, where the first born child is the main heir in many ancient Semite socities..

pastor zomok

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  • I think how Jesus summed it up is best. If you have Me, then you have the Father also.

    I, personally, find it hard to believe that God will send someone to hell for not believing in the trinity or for not believing in three seperate entities (Father, Son, & Holy ghost). The trinity discussion is one of the doctrines that seperate people the most, yet either side would agree on one point. Jesus, is the Word of God (John 1:1 & Revelation 19:13). Therefore, whether He is a part of the trinity or not, both sides should see Jesus' words as superior to anyone else; since everything He spoke is exactly what God wants us to know and do today. That is more important, in my opinion, to God, then only undersatnding the nature of God without understanding the importance of everything that Jesus said and did.

    At least, those are my thougts. (:


  • Indeed Steve, I could not agree more.  In the past I have tried to explain the Trinity to many people, and I have used many illustrative means from the illustration of 'ice, water and steam' to the committee picture, where the full committeetogether has the greatest power, but each member has authority and power, doing separate jobs, but needs to referr cack to the whole committee.

    The other thing most people don't get is Jesus' being' having been incarnated He was fully human at the same time being fully God.  He had all the restrictions and falabilities, not to mention sensibilities of man, and purely human capacities, which is why He needed to defer to the Father on certain things.  Jesus' brain capacity was no greater than ours, so the Father let Him know what He needed to know, and the Spirit was His main sourse of knowledge, just like us.

    • You are right and you are touching on 'kenosis'.  You are probably well aware of Phillippians 2:5...where it tells us that he emptied himself of his powers and perogatives and became a mere servant or man.  He was in the world, and he made the world, but the world knew him not...John 1:10.

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