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Before casting your vote please keep in mind, we are looking for a background that does NOT over power the words, particularly God's words or detract from your worship and fellowship here. 

Here are your choices...

A.) Purple & Pink Stripe Pattern background

B.) Gold & Teal Fade background

C.) White & Gray Diamond Pattern background

D.) Blue to Teal Fade background

E.) White & Gray Tri-Pattern 

F.) Gold Circles of Light Background

Cast Your Vote Below!

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  • I like the feel of each one, really. Maybe you could have them available for all users allowing them pick from these available options.

    BTW. I really enjoy the use of gifs here on this forum! Good job!


  • I like A, but out of kindness to the fellas I'll officially choose D 

  • I like C, white and gray.

  • I like my chosen color background even though the purple is very nice.

  • Purple background makes for a rich feel. :)

  • I like the purple...

  • Each week I will change the background for the ones that were voted for so that we can all get a good feel for them and test them out in 'real time'.

    I will start with background "A" and work my way down.

  • I have to say that scheme 'D' has the most impact for me, it has a light airy feel without any distraction of patterns. but then, I just like blue.

    • Yes, that background was in my top 3 favorite. They are all so good it's hard to decide :)

  • Just for the beauty of it, and that the white text shows up well, I vote for #1. May the Lord's choice be reflected in this voting!

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