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Christians United for Israel (CUFI) is the largest pro-Israel organization in the United States with over one million members and one of the leading Christian grassroots movements in the world.


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  • AIPAC is an organization very much like CUFI

    Participate in AIPAC’s Policy Conference 2017 From Home!

    Dear Friend of Israel:

    We are excited to welcome 18,000 pro-Israel activists to Washington this weekend! The 2017 AIPAC Policy Conference is gearing up to be an extraordinary opportunity to learn, lead and lobby.

    We hope you participate remotely! Please visit to find:

    Live-streamed video of general sessions (March 26-28)

    Speaker videos and transcripts

    Information about this year's policy and lobbying agenda

    Our comprehensive event schedule

    Watch your email for daily recaps. Speaker highlights, videos and on-stage moments will be sent out on Monday and Tuesday mornings.

    Help AIPAC’s important work. Although you are not here with in Washington, you can still help our work to strengthen the vital U.S.-Israel relationship when you become an AIPAC member today. Support from activists like you provides the resources we need to work year-round with our leaders in Washington on all the issues that help keep America and Israel safe and secure.
    Get social! Be part of the conversation and get up-to-the minute information on what's going on at the conference by following us on
    . Don't forget to use the hashtag #AddYourVoice.

    Sign up for Policy Conference 2018! Each conference is an unforgettable opportunity to choose from hundreds of informative sessions and participate in the pro-Israel community's largest and most important advocacy day on Capitol Hill. Take advantage of savings to join us in Washington March 4-6, 2018. Register today.
  • Recently joined them myself, they are foremost very informative about things you just will never hear the media report on. I like em.
    • Thats great, Charlie. They need all the support they can get, as Israel needs all the support we can give her.
  • Israel’s enemies are more determined than ever to annihilate the Jewish State. Israel is equipped to fight her own battles, but we can help by defending our friend against the anti-Israel lies that have infected our churches, college campuses, and the media.

    To equip you to defend Israel, we invite you to participate in CUFI U on the CUFI YouTube channel the first Thursday of every month at 9:00 PM ET.

    Erick Stakelbeck will kick off the series on Thursday, March 2 at 9:00 ET.
  • Long before current political realities put historically unique pressures on Israel, we saw the need for a grassroots organization to unify pro-Israel Christians to face the unforeseen challenges ahead. Thus, Christians United for Israel was born February 2006.

    It is with much favor from the Lord, hard work, innovative thinking and the help of millions of people like you that we have emerged as the largest pro-Israel grassroots organization in the United States. Our size, effectiveness, and diversity have placed us on the frontlines of defending the U.S.-Israel relationship.

    Our growth has been REMARKABLE.
    Our impact has been TRANSFORMATIVE.
    And we’ve only JUST BEGUN.

    Like never before, America’s support for Israel depends upon the focused, informed, and dedicated activism of CUFI members. It is more imperative than ever for CUFI members to have a deep knowledge of Israeli history and current events enabling us to defend Israel in our communities, churches, online, and in Washington, D.C.

    Israel is facing some of the most serious threats in her history. Therefore, it is imperative that American Christians be equipped to defend Israel in our classrooms, churches and communities. With your support CUFI will be able to educate more Christians about the Biblical and moral imperative to stand with Israel. With your support more Christians will be able to stand up and speak up for Israel.

    Thank you for helping CUFI

    Become the largest pro-Israel organization in the United States with over 3 million members.

    Hold over 2,500 pro-Israel events across the country.

    Turn millions of Christians into an effective pro-Israel political force.

    Impact critical legislation by driving hundreds of thousands of phone calls and emails and directly meeting with elected officials.

    Build a network of pro-Israel pastors who preach pro-Israel messages to their hundreds of thousands of congregants.

    Change the Israel conversation on college campuses through CUFI on Campus.

    Become the go-to source for Israel and Middle East news for millions of Christians through our 8 social media channels, website, and blog.

    Transform Millennial Christian leaders’ views on Israel through the Israel Collectve.

    Thank you for your support of Israel. We are proud to stand united with you in her defense.

    Blessings to you and those that you love,

    Pastor John Hagee

    David Brog
  • Rolf, your donations at work
    Christians United for Israel
    Today, 3:51 PMYou

    Your Donations at Work

    We are doing more than ever to overcome the lies and misunderstandings that Israel's enemies use to attack the Jewish state.
    There is an evil lie circulating in America and around the world — the lie that Israel is a racist, apartheid state like South Africa used to be. This apartheid myth fuels the BDS movement to boycott Israel, and we are using every available tool to destroy that myth and expose people to the diversity and freedom that characterizes Israel.

    When the BDS movement puts up billboards and bus ads attacking Israel, we put up billboards and bus ads in the same places showing how Israel protects the rights of minority groups and defends us here in America.

    College campuses have become ground zero in the effort to boycott and divest from Israel. So we created a a BDS Task Force which trains and equips college students to fight BDS on their campuses. Over the last year, our CUFI on Campus students helped defeat anti-Israel divestment resolutions on five college campuses.

    Our Israel Collective team created a powerful short film called "No Lie Shall Prosper." This film highlights South African Christians who lived under actual apartheid and passionately debunk the myth of racism in Israel. In the words of Reverend Kenneth Meshoe, "I have been to Israel about 14 times. I have checked Israel from all corners. I have looked at what is happening in the Knesset. I have looked at what is happening in the streets, and I have concluded that what happened in South Africa under the apartheid government does not exist in Israel."

    Earlier this year, we were excited to hold the first-ever Night to Honor Israel in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our South African brothers and sisters have a tremendous heart for Israel. They are also valuable voices who have the unique ability to testify from personal experience that the accusations of Israel's enemies are the opposite of the truth.

    CUFI also produced a feature-length movie, "Israel: Through the Looking Glass," to directly confront the lies being spread about Israel. This film uses humor and facts to show Israel's heart and humanity. If you haven't seen it, we recommend you do so and then share it with family and friends.

    Everything we do, from films to bus ads to training college activists, is possible only because of your generosity. And the more you give, the more we will be able to do to defend the people and the land of Israel.

    May God's blessing and abundant favor be with you during this holiday season.

    Blessings to you and those you love,

    Pastor John Hagee,
    Nation Chairman

    David Brog,

    Training & equipping college students to fight BDS on their campuses. Combating apartheid accusations on college campuses.

    Please Help Us Do more for Zion's Sake

    (210) 477-4714 | PO BOX 1307 San Antonio, TX 78295-1307 |
    Copyright © 2016 Christians United for Israel. All Rights Reserved.
  • Are you familiar with Ariel Ministries?
    • No, I've not heard of them. Tell us about them.
  • There's another, allied organization called The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. I recently got a resource list from them, and thought it relevant to this group also.


    IFCJ Mobile Command Center to Help Jerusalem Manage Crisis

    The Fellowship and its faithful friends are donating an emergency command center vehicle to the city of Jerusalem, helping save lives during this time of crisis.

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    Things We Need to Stop Hearing About the "Stabbing Intifada"

    Bernard-Henri Lévy writes that there is no excuse for the glorification of the terrorist killers or the lack of care for their Israeli victims.

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    Headlines from Israel

    Four IDF Soldiers Hurt in West Bank Car-Ramming Attack - Stand for Israel

    Israeli Hurt in Beit Shemesh Stabbing, Terrorists Likely Hamas Operatives - Israel Hayom

    Kerry, Netanyahu Meet in Berlin - Yediot Achronot

    Rocket Strikes Southern Israel - Stand for Israel


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  • Hi dear friends, I am joining this group because I hate the way the world is turning away from Israel and seems to be siding with the Palestinians. The Bible tells us that those who are against Israel are doomed. I have been a member of CUFI for some years and applaud the work that they do as friends of Israel, bringing the real issues to the attention of members and the US government, I just wish that they had a UK branch. Since I became a Christian, back in 1972, I realised that they were God's chosen people, and my heart cries for them and the way they are being treated by the world and their middle-eastern neighbours. I am married to my dear Dawn who is of Jewish stock, so we both pray for Israel and for the Jews to come to the realisation that Jesus is God and the Messiah.
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