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This group is for all of you who have a passion for Bible Prophecy.  The world is changing rapidly with each passing day.  You can see how the world is being set up for the coming Antichrist system.  Please feel  free to share todays news that lines up with end time prophecies.


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  • Ok . I admit the question is rather hard to answer and even odd in itself . We have all been customed and for some even conditioned to believe by how would the coming of our lord manifests itself . The coming of Jesus also called Second Coming as in future sence has been identified in main stream Christianity as being that coming we see in Revelation chapter 19 verse 11-21 onother reference of this coming is in 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 8 but my question is if that coming we see in these two scripture sources would be for example the same coming in Matthew chapter 24 verse 29-31 by which diffure for over a dozen reasons as if there would be two future comings of the lord distanzed only a few years apart . But of cource one would say what reason would Jesus have too come twice with only a few years of interval from one coming and the other . I say that there are at least two main reasons why to have two future comings of Jesus . in one he gather his saints and the other he comes with his saints . That could be a good reason and it's even scriptural But there is one more greater . In this future coming he just does not rapture but resurrects his saints . Now what are your opinions ?
  • Hello Everyone as group leader I would like to place a question and see how you answer : Through scripture we know that there is a second coming of Jesus Christ but in order so that to be recognized by his faithfull church in what way would he come ? as that coming in Revelation chapter 19 verse 11-21 or maybe as a mysterious unexpected way as a surprice or as a thief . Which of these two comings would be easier to recognize as Jesus . Now both are comings of Jesus but one of these is the second coming Which one .
    • The angels said He would return as He left at the ascension.
    • Exactly . That is the Second Coming . He would return as he left . He did not leave from a battle field after crushing an enemy with a sword to return with a sword to crush onother enemy . He did not leave on a white horse with saints following behind so to return on a white horse with saints following . He did not leave leaving nations destroyed and peoples and armies slaughtered laying dead on the ground . But left quietly as he came ascending up in the sky seen by his friends who know him and have faith in him . He came by surprice , unexpectedly , quetly , not even armed with a sword knowing that his message would place him in trouble with the priests of the temple and every authority . He would bring a message that would " rob " the clergy and then eventually all Rome and the world of all it's power and authority and subdue all authority to God . And by robbing the world of all it's power and authority Jesus not only came unexpectedly or as surprice but also as a thief to take from the world both in flesh and in spirit what rightfully belongs to God and not to death and sin . Jesus by his coming and then through resurrection robbed satan of the power and authority that satan had over this mortal sinful world . Jesus came as a that of a thief and in several times even hidden himself from the authorities as thiefs hide from authorities . He will return as he came as that of a thief , unexpectly . And we have this coming in Matthew chapter 24 verse 42-51 which is that coming in verse 27 being the coming in verse 29-31 And that coming is obviously not that of Revelation chapter 19 verse 11-21 which is no as a thief coming of Jesus . And guess what ? seems , at least of my knowledge , no one has noticed this ; that the Second Coming in order to be the second coming Jesus in order to be recognized as Jesus he would have to return as he left . I will explain this in the course of this post . I wait that others reply to my post.
  • Some believe that the beast of revelation chapter 13 is Islam or a Moslem . Well other than this would be totally unscriptural and not even logical in a world governed by 7 super powers none of then Moslom . Islam does not and would never obey and recognize a man being God . The beast will claim to be God . In 1500 years Islam has not recognized Jesus nor being the son nor being God How could it ever recognize the beast as God or worship a man claiming to be God And since they would not worship such a man than how is it that Islam is no where found in the book of Revelation at least from chapter 5-19 . Why I'll tell you why . I t was totally annihalated and defeated . By who ? to begin with from the son of perdition before becoming the beast and then when still son of perdition Islam was destroyed on the Day of The Lord Not Revelation chapter 19 verse 11-21 but earlier precisely 7 years earlier than that coming of Christ in Revelation chapter 19
  • Here's a tough one : Why does the book of Revelation has not a trace of Islam or in other words where do you see Islam in the book of revelation . The answer there is no Islam . What happened to 1.3 bilion moslems ? was there religion annihalated ? by who ?
  • Hi everybody here in this lovely and focusing objectives End Times Prophecies. I hope to find a place here. My question! The next leader of Bible Prophecy, can't he/her preached the Three Angels Messages? There are many teachings of the end times. What about the fourth Angel of Revelation 18:4-5? God is calling His childrens out of Babylon, but the denominations are uniting with the pope. We knows that the Book of Revelation is talking about our time and in the future, and there is only one things more to happen, that the prophecy shall fulfilled. Sorry for my English because I am not an English man. Just defending myself. Thanks for you'rs attention.
    • Michel, Revelation 4-5 The purpose of God's people of coming out of Babylon is to be free from partaking in her sins, so that they may not receive of her plagues. What this is saying is Gods people can sin and partake of its punishments of the wicked. Now I am not an expert on this but this is my interpretation of this passage.
  • The person that leads this group should be a mature Christian who is focused on both Jesus and being fair on the issues relating to Echatology. I think it best that the person be a retired person with the time, energy, and desire to head such a group. I do not measure up because I am so busy doing many things and I can hardly handle the two groups I currently lead ("Jeremiah Ministries" and "apologetics"), which I have neglected somewhat. The leader of this group should be someone who understands that there are many differing views of the "Last Day" and/or "Endtimes". I do know a lady who was a member of CLM but she was so busy that she left. Her name is Eloise and I think I could convince her to come back here. She is about 71 and has been a Christian since the 60s or so. She and I have been friends for about 8 or so years now and she even purchased one of my paintings. I think she would be a wonderful person to lead this group but if someone else takes the position I hope he or she is someone who is kind and humble.
  • Gary Demar has some good videos about these issues..
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