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This group is for people who wants to make new friends, I understand that making social friends is hard but let's not forget who's our real friend which is God almighty our lord and savior. I welcome you all to my group young and old to not only make friends but to fellowship with one another because it's not good for someone to be alone but to meet people and to get to know one another.


Group Leader: Jeremiah Adams

8 Members
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  • Hello. I just joined like half hour ago. No one talks here. I feel more lonely than before i joined. I have no friends, and i was hoping to make some here, but where is everyone?
  • Hi! I am new. I feel very alone where I am. We have had it with churches in our area and lost all connections to people since leaving in 2017. I am slowly joining groups to get to know more people. Would like to get to know people in here too!
  • Hello ! Thank you Jeremiah for inviting me here.Glad i've found a group finally.
  • Hello! Thank you for creating this group - nobody in my real life circle is Christian, so I'm looking to make new friends here.
    • you're welcome , feel free to join us anytime
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