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For home bound Christians to gather here for fellowship and connection through our common faith in Jesus. Also to raise awareness to the Christian community and seek out ways to practice our faith. Explore different ways of worship, participation in spirtual activites and more. This group is for home bound Christians and for those who want to gain an understanding of this situation. 

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  • Thought: 'Church is who we are not where we go.' quote seen on Facebook.
  • I've created this group to fulfill a need for those of us who are unable to go to a church for various reasons. We may practice our faith in other ways and we can connect with each other here, offer support and suggestions as we all travel in our faith journey drawing closer to Jesus.
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More Than a Few Minor Repairs

Going through a difficult time now, Because of leaks from the water heater, the master bedroom sink, and under the house (a mobile home), the water has to be shut off. This could go on for a couple months. Water heater will need to be replaced and that can't happen until the repairs are done, The floors in the master bedroom and bathroom along with the closet need to be redone as the leakage damaged the carpeting so that had to be removed. Meanwhile, we got bottled water on hand. I'm trying to…

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Grappling with loneliness and 'cabin fever'

As a homebound Christian, I sometimes struggle with loneliness and cabin fever. I try to deal with that by getting my mind off this and find things to do to occupy my time. Praying, journaling, pursuing special interests help and getting into social media can help with the loneliness issue. Still that may not be enough to satisfy the need to be with people and be part of a community. However, the Internet may be a boon for the Home Bounder if it's used wisely. As far as the cabin fever feeling,…

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If You Can't Go to Church, How Can the Church Come to You?

As a home bound Christian, I get bothered by those who criticize people for not going to church on Sunday. While I can't speak for everyone, all I know and God knows the reason, not excuses, as to why I am unable to go to church. So, I'd like to know how can you get the church to come to you? I know there are services for shut ins available on TV and probably the internet as well. Does anyone have any ideas or recommendations?    

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