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I don't know the full details to this so I invite anyone who does to provide insight to this. All I know is that the Pope is helping them financially. Because these illegals bring diseases, crime and human trafficking, we really need to protect our borders and take care of our people first. I don't really understand why the church would support this only to assume that they think they're doing it out of passion. But to subject these people to a long and dangerous trek through Mexico and other countries to get here doesn't seem right to me. 

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  • The Vatican is an investor and invests it's money practically everywhere where there are places worth investing and it has invested much in third world nations . The matter of how much the Vatican is manipulating this human traffiking for it's own personal interests is not something you would read on front page news and what one comes to believe is that it is profiting in some way and thats for sure , but in what ? and how ? since most of these countries are Moslem and some of them enemies to the church since recent times . Why would the Catholic church do affairs with countries like Syria that with all due respect for the refugees that speak of unspeakable horrors witnessed by these refugees as reasons for thier escaping the country . My question instead is why has Syria all of a sudden became everyone's interest as a people that one must help at all costs when these people at the day that the twin towers were burning on 9/11 were all out in the streets thanking Allah for the terrorist attacks . This whole thing of the refuggee problem to me sounds something like the campagn to save our planet from a changing weather brought upon human activities when instead we all know that there are no scientific evidence that Smog is the cause of the green house effect  just as there are no economical and even war evidence that support the refugees escaping from war torned nations and changing weather patterns . One thing is for sure is that human traffiking goes hand to hand with poverty and famine  and where there are these than there are also  drugs  prostitution  mafia and terrorism . I believe that to find the true reasons of all this trakking one would have to go directly to the source of where these people are coming from to see if there is such an urgent reason for them to escape and especially where do many of them end up since once reaching europe they dissapear in a crowd of peoples . 

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