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Introduction to the Group

This group is made for all the members, especially the new ones, who reside outside the USA, to join together, share their languages, ask questions of others (and me) about the site, and to feel more comfortable in a Christian website made mostly of Americans. It is also for all the American members to get to know our overseas Brothers and Sisters, learn from them, and fellowship.

I assure you, you are highly valued here. We wish to hear all about what it's like to follow the Lord where you live, wherever that is, so we all can learn from it.

Also, if you have suggestions as to how we can make the site more comfortable to you, please speak up!

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Introduce yourself!

When you come and visit, or join this site, please write a comment on this page introducing yourself; where you're from, your name, a little about yourself. Add anything you want! How is the Lord moving in your life right now? Are there issues you need help and prayer with? Do you have questions?

I've started some discussions below. To see all of the discussion, and to possibly comment and share your experiences in these areas, clic on the discussion, and a new page will come up. If you want to, start a new discussion about any Godly topic you want.

This site is for you! Please use it to share with everyone, and we can all further the work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ across the World.

ALSO: Keith Hobkirk, posting via email to Rolf Anderson from China due to technical difficulties, posts material pertinent to the persecuted Church around the World in this group as well. Comments to these postings get forwarded back to him via email, or to contact him send a message to Pastor Rolf.


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  • Hi all! I'm Tess, from England, looking to meet like minded people as nobody in my 'real life' circles is a Christian!
  • Hi! I'm Lidia, from Italy. I'm searching non-catholic fellowship in my country!
  • Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever you are! Greetings from Canada! I'm blessed to be here with you all :-) I pray 2019 is filled with great blessings for you and your loved ones! God bless!
  • Hi, I'm Hannah and I'm from the Caribbean. Hoping to connect with other christians just like me!
  • I am the senior pastor, Director, Evangelist and a church planter of a registered national NGO; from Tamilnadu, in south India. I am here to find friends, lasting friends.
  • Please note that I am a Pastor and missionary to North India. I would like to connect with any one is interested of India mission
  • Hi, I am DP Daniel, social entrepreneur from Bangalore, India. Was hoping to meet like minded socio evangelists.
    Blessings DP Daniel
    • Hi, Brother! What is a social entrepreneur or a socio evangelist? I've not heard those terms before.
  • Hi,i'm Craig and i am from the midlands.i have just joined.
  • thanks ill do that
This reply was deleted.