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Hello everyone my name is Kristen and I created the Spiritual Visionary so that we could discuss how to discern between visions and dreams. Visions and dreams are often interconnected by we often confuse being psychic from prophesying what's to come. Within our bible study we will discuss the importance of prophesying as we discern God's presence through dreams and visions. The book of Jonah, Matthew, Malachi, Samuel, David, and Kings are a few examples of proper discernment of the holy spirit through dreams and visions.

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  • Hi Kristen, I am interested to learn about dreams and visions, as I wanted to know how to discern which is of God's or is of the enemy (I am yet starting to learn how to discern by referring it to God's Word and His Spirit). I have some disciples who have been experiencing to receive dreams and visions that left them the sense of urgency or warning or awakening and others are an encouragement and wisdom..I have personal experiences too, some are weird and it awakens my spirit to take heed and groan in prayer. Hope to hear and learn from here. May the Holy Spirit guide us through.
    • The concept of dreams and visions are interconnected because our dreams display prophetic messages to discern Gods holy spirit.
    • Amen.
  • You may need to actually start the discussion in the Forum section of this group Kristen, the Home Page does not have the capacity for a full discussion. You need to start a premmis that members can respond to, make a statement that kicks off the discussion. Good discussions require something to discuss, often with a leading statement.
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