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I cannot remember just how many times I've heard this question asked.  Are we responsible for our brothers and sisters in CHRIST?  Just thinking about it off the cuff this afternoon, I have come to the conclusion that yes, to at least some extent I am responsible for my brothers and sisters, at least to the best of my ability their welfare.  No, I am not rich, but if there is a brother or sister that I know of, I am not above fixing them a meal and taking it to them. I am also responsible for setting a good example religiously and morally for everyone I come into contact with.  When and where I can I am to help those in need and also I am to encourage them to do whatever it is to put their lives in the LORD'S Hands.

However, I do not believe I am responsible for anyone other than myself (my children are adults now) when it concerns the law or payment of bills.

What is your opinion?  The most important answer I have come up with is it is MOST IMPORTANT to love our brothers and sisters with all that is within us. 


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  • It would be great if our Sisters and Brothers have any stories where helping others has resulted in reaping for the Lord, the net that has actually caught those for whom we were to fish.  As long as the glory goes to God.

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