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The below short story is a work of fiction, and although meant as a humorous story, it has a spiritual truth, which I shall leave the reader to discern.

The Winning Ticket

Janet was a hard working woman who owned her own business, making beautiful greeting cards.  She started three years ago, selling her cards to friends, craft fairs and at a little stall at the back of her church.  Her cards were things of beauty and people treasured them after receiving one.  A local shop asked Janet if they could stock a range of her cards, and that became a great success.  About a year ago, when Janet was hard at working making some cards for the shop, there came a knock on her front door.  “Oh dear,” said Janet, frustrated at being interrupted, she placed her tools on her bench and made her way to the door.  On the front porch was a middle-aged man dressed in a three-piece suit and carrying a brief case. “Hello, can I help you,” she asked.   “I think it may be more a matter of helping each other,” the man replied, “My name is Gerald Hawthorn, and I am one of the directors of Spencer Cards, maybe you have heard of us?”

“Why of course, Mister Hawthorn,” Janet replied, “bit how can I help you?”

“Can we talk inside, Janet, isn’t it,” enquired the man, as he held out a business card.

“Yes, please, come in,” said Janet and led the way to the sitting room.  Gerald Hawthorn followed her and on the way took in every detail of the house, including a rough wooden cross above the fireplace.  Janet offered a seat on a sofa and Hawthorn sat down, whilst Janet took a seat in an armchair opposite.

“The other day I happened to stop for a coffee at the news agents in town, I was on my way to a meeting in Manchester,” Hawthorn started to explain, ”I noticed the beautiful range of greeting cards that were on sale, I was very impressed.”

“You mean my cards, well thank you,” Janet responded, but you didn’t come here to tell me that.”

“No, Mrs. Forest, I came to make you an offer, I would love you to make cards, exclusively for Spencer Cards, I want to you to design and make a Hand-made range of exclusive cards.”

With that Janet Forest entered into a life of non-stop work and deadlines, she invested all of her savings and mortgaged her home to purchase the materials she needed.  She bought machines and employed other people to help her.  Janet bought a new van on finance, based on the fortune she was about to make.  All went well for over six months, and although she was not making a profit yet the money was coming in.  Then about five months ago the telephone rang.

Mrs. Forest?”

“Yes, this is she.”

“This is Gerald, I’m afraid I have some very bad news for you, I’m afraid Spencer Cards is bankrupt and we have gone into administration.”

“What does that mean,” asked Janet.

“It means my dear, that we have ceased trading and there will be no more money for your cards, I am so sorry.”

Janet was stunned; she replaced the phone like a robot, and sank into her work chair.  Janet sat there for some minutes, she did not know how many, then went into the studio and informed her two employees, and dismiss them, at least for the day.

Janet was deeply in debt, with next to no income or prospects of income, because of her exclusivity contract and money she made from cards was automatically Spencer Card’s.  The bank would not help and warned her about missing payments on the mortgage.  Janet did the only thing she could think of, and prayed.

“Lord you know the situation I’m in please just let me win the lottery, just this once, or I’m going to loose my home as well as my business.”  Janet prayed all week, ten times a day with the greatest of sincerity.  At last Saturday arrived and on Sunday morning the newspaper informed her that someone else had won.

The following month Janet’s home was repossessed and things were looking even bleaker.  Still there was no access to any money and Janet started to pray even more fervently.

“Lord I have lost my business, and my home, please don’t let me loose my van, my husband has left, and the kids are about to starve.  Please, please let me win the Lottery, it’s the only way.”

Still that following Saturday someone else won.  The van was repossessed, but still Janet prayed to win the Lottery, and again others won the Lottery each week, but not Janet.

In sheer desperation Janet called upon the Lord one more time, crying out, “My God why have you forsaken me, I have lost everything, and my children have been taken into care.  Was it too much to ask just to let me live in peace?”

Just then there was a blinding flash and a peel of thunder shook the church where Janet had been praying.  The church window in front of he seemed to blaze with fire as the voice of God booms out.

“Janet, My child, if you want me to let you win the lottery, you need to buy a ticket.”


© Derek P. Blake February 20, 2016

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  • Oh my, Brother Blake, that in one way sounds so like me. I dream of winning the lottery, but I never go buy a ticket. :-) I'm always laughing at myself about it. LOL
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