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This is a poem more precious to me now than it used to be.  You see, my dear sweet little mamma wrote it about our family.  I'm not sure when she wrote it but we found it shortly after her passing in 2013.

As I look down from my office window,

A memory comes to me.

Two little girls and one thin Daddy,

Standing on this very front lawn looking up.

There in a second floor window to see;

A Mommy that is missed and a brand new baby brother.

Since that spring afternoon so long ago,

A baby sister was added, one cold, snowy November night.

The family was complete.

So many years have passed,

And the family was blessed;

With son-in-laws and such.

Then the grandchildren came,

The little family grew and grew.

Over the years as the family grew,

All was not always well,

The family learned through good and bad,

To love and care and give.

Now when times get rough,

The big family hangs tough.

They'll all get through because;

They have EACH OTHER.

Written by Carolyn May Claypool-Shultz

I wonder now what my mommy would think of my little bit of the Big Family and how it has grown to the point of me being a great grandma to little Eian and his baby sister who's coming in May.  It's hard to hang tough without the two who started this now huge family.

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  • That is so touching and the idea is true, when a family sticks together it can withstand whatever onslaughts are thrown at it by Satan, who likes nothing more than breaking up relationships and especially families. You must be very proud of your 'Mommy', she certainly had a hand for writing truths. Thank you so much for posting, Terry, I feel honoured to be able to read it.
    • Thank you Brother Blake for the kind words. Mommy wrote a little bit of poetry when a subject got "stuck" in her head. She was also a fantastic story teller about her youth.
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