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Thank God You Came


What care we about eternal life,

What care we about other people's strife,

Should we not just care for ourselves

And ignore that Bible, left on the shelves.


Those Africans don't affect me

Let them fight and kill, just let them be,

What care I about their disease,

Unless it's on the southern breeze.


Here comes Christmas a time of good cheer,

I don't want it spoiled by the news that I hear,

When buying presents or at my favourite gastronome,

After all does not charity start at home?


Who is this Jesus anyway?

And who says it's to Him I should pray

And why did He give His life for me?

Who says its Him that sets me free?


I would join that church of fools,

But I just couldn't stand all those rules,

I love to drink and smoke and just be free,

By the way, can Jesus heal the cancer in me?


Oh yes, and by the way,

I was told my liver's shot to-day,

I'm fading fast, soon I'll breath my last,

I've done lots of shameful things in my past.


Can He really forgive? Is it not too late?

I'm getting scared as I near my fate,

Will You accept me as I am?

Someone said you were God's Lamb.


Jesus I know I'm fading fast,

You seem glad I've come to You at last,

I can see you now, why is it me You can't ignore

Yes, yes, I accept you as my Saviour


Thank God You came!

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  • The above poem was posted on June 11,2014 in the Forum Section.
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