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  • Thank you Dr Derek for your warm welcome. I will navigate the site this morning and make myself familiar with it. I do live in the norwood area of London. Its slightly more quiet then the rest of London. I look forward to meeting yourself and any other person in this community who is here in the UK. I believe in God and im seeking ways to grow closer to him. I have not been part of a church for sometime. I have had some circumstances and i would like to stregthen my faith and learn to seek strength in the Lord to face all my trials. Once again im so delighted for the warm welcome. 

  • God bless you sir!

    Thank you for your encouragement!

  • Thank you, looking forward to being on here!

  • Hi Dr. Derek Blake,

    Thank you for the comment and for becoming my friend. God bless you and may your weekend be amazing.

  • Happy Star Wars Day everyone.

  • Hi Dr Derek, thank you for your welcome, it's a pleasure to be here. I'm so glad to meet another Brit who is not a million miles away. Sorry for my late reply been so busy. Our Captain lost his Father this week and we have all had to pull together as a Church to keep everything going while he's in Derby sorting things out. But I am looking forward to having  look around and make  few friends.  Take care and God bless you, Sandy

  • There is a problem, as you can tell from the dates of the posts, please bear with us.

  • I believe I'm going to love this site. I do already and barley getting started. Goodbye to Facebook and onto things strictly of the LORD and I am excited about that (giggles)
  • Thank you Dr. Blake. I am learning how to navigate through this site. I've already learned that smiley faces will not work. Haahaa. Well I'll be seeing you around.
  • Thank you Dr. Blake for your warm welcome.
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