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Eugene, OR


February 15

Tell Us About Yourself

I am a loving person. I love people and see the goodness in everyone. I am often very trusting. I will be going back to church soon. I hope to study the bible more, go to bible study, join the choir and really become a stronger Christian. I am blessed and excited that God has got me to Oregon.

Christian Testimony

When I was 17 years old I was a remarkable teenager. I won a national teen contest and travelled across the Country for my work with young people. Somehow in my 20's, I lost my way. I started doing things for the world and not for God. I think Tasha Page-Lockhart in the song Different describes what happened to me. I finally can move forward and not worry about my past. God cleaned me up and made me new. I am different and not the same. Ever since I met Jesus he changed me.


Singing, listening to audio books, crafts, making jewerly, basketball, working out, writing, learning, movies