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David J Keyser posted a status
Jan 4
What does it mean to die to self? There have been many interpretations over the years. I know, I must sell all that I have and give it to the poor. Or, perhaps deprive myself of luxuries, food, clothing, shelter … The root of all selfishness is for me to believe that I can somehow offer something to God that will cause him to love me. Too late! He already does, more than we can imagine. When I do something that I know is wrong I feel bad. Perhaps I can pay some sort of penance. Chip in something, so to speak, that will help wipe the slate clean. Too late! I have nothing that can pay in the slightest for my sins and shortcomings. Jesus paid it all. All. Once and for all. Forever. So how do I die to self? Quit trying to pay. Humans love to do penance. Their hearts demand it. It makes them feel less guilty. This is all empty religion. The Roman Catholic church has been shoveling that lie for centuries. But they are not alone. Jesus paid it all. I have nothing to pay with. There is nothing remaining to pay for. Dying to self is to commit yourself to that truth. Get Over Your Self. Jesus will set you free. John says, For if our heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart. (1 Jn.3:20) How about doing good works for God? Only he can enable you to do that. You can generate nothing that is worthy. And you certainly cannot do anything supernatural without the Spirit of Christ moving in and through you. You don’t want miracles? O.K. Except that the greatest miracle is being made into a new creature, being indwelt, guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit. All other miracles are little ones by comparison. Get Over Yourself. You cannot pay God to love you or to empower you. Embrace that and you will Get Over Yourself. That is dying to self. Other changes will follow effortlessly.

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