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Craig Jackson posted a status
May 24
I am retired. This morning, I went into the neighborhood coffee shop and saw all the grey-haired old people sitting, drinking and talking. Now, I am officially an old person by age, and somewhat by energy. But in my heart I am still young! My heart rebels against a lifestyle which has nothing better to do than drink and talk. I want to do something for my King!! I want to lay up my treasures in Heaven! But how? It is only by Gods Great Grace and enablement that we can accomplish what do I do? I can ask, but what then?

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  • Brother Craig, I must say that I believe you are on the right track by asking people here on CLM.  Also, the suggestions given are great ones.  Sister Mary and Sister Annette are good Christian ladies with a greater memory of the Bible than this aging brain of mine.  The things I began doing when I went to work for our LORD was #1  When out in public I would pass a stranger or every stranger if I could and smile and tell them "GOD Bless you" and #2 I always try to acknowledge the good in others and boost their self-confidence.  I'm here for you if you need anything although I do not have the Bible smarts most in here have, but some like me regardless.  GOD Bless you Brother and keep growing in the LORD.   terry stonebarger

  • Hi Brother Craig,

    God bless you! Bloom where the Lord has planted you. May I encourage you to not give up so soon? Some of my most memorable witnessing has been done while sipping a cup of coffee. To witness, you must talk to people about Jesus Christ. It's a requirement. Maybe you need to think about how to go about it. I'm just offering ideas.

    Pray and ask God to send someone to you. Take your Bible with you and read. It's good advertising. In the coffee shop people are relaxed. You can pick out the friendly people. If you see someone alone, you could ask him/her to join you. Or, treat someone to a cup of coffee. I love the Caribou near me. Do you have a favorite coffee shop? What are the pluses about the coffee shop near you? Just be yourself. You're a nice fellow to know. :-)

    Just offering ideas. I think it's wonderful you wish to serve God.

    God bless,
  • what an exciting time of life!!!!! There is so very much to be done for the King!!! Where are your interests, gifts and abilities????? I LOVE hearing people with that kind of attitude!
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