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This picture is of my great grandparents on my momma's side of the family. David William Noble was said that Grandpa was pretty mean, a womanizer and a drunk. It is said that when he would get drunk he would chase Grandma around with a knife trying to kill her and my Uncle Dave (their oldest child) would somehow take the knives away and throw them in the well.  

Grandma was Ida Ellen Smith-Noble.  Her dad, Texas Bill Smith lost her in a poker game with Grandpa Noble.  He did marry Grandma, however.  They had 10 or 12 children but at least 2 of them died in early childhood.  Grandpa died when my momma was 11 years old, Grandma passed when I was about 6 years old and I have some pretty good memories.  Especially that she had a bald spot on the crown of her head and I know I am a decendent of hers because I have one starting.  

They lived on the Wabash River near the IN Ill border in Covington, IN.  Grandpa was a farmer and a river rat.  That isn't meant as a put down it just means he made a good portion of his living off the river fishing and then selling his catch throughout the area.  

Covington is a dearly loved place to me as are the family I have left there.  They are so special to me. They are just 2 in my life that I thank GOD for putting me in a family with such an interesting family.   





























































































































































































































































































































































































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  • Thank you for sharing, Sister Terry. I hear people saying that life was so much better back then. But every once in a while, I hear (or read) a story like this and know that it was not all summer vacations and walks in the park.

    I was 7 months old when my mother finally decided to leave my father. He was a very abusive alcoholic who hated everyone, including his family and even himself. I had heard stories from aunts and uncles, over the years, who said that his family would all get drunk at one of their houses and get into very violent fights. An uncle, who had married into the family, went to one of the houses after work to pick up his wife to bring home. He said he parked his car on the street, approached the house, and all of the sudden, several people started waking up on the front lawn, some with guns pointing at him. Suffice it to say, that was the last time he ever went back to pick up his wife.

    As I had mentioned, my mother left my father when I was only 7 months old. The last straw was when he got so drunk and began to pass out on the sofa. And, as babies do, I began to cry for whatever reason. He demanded my mother hand me to him. He threw me across the room (apparently to silence me) and my mother barely caught me with her fingertips. She waited for him to pass out before instructing my older siblings to pack a few clothing items and run around the corner to my aunt and uncle's (on her side) place.

    Times were really no better then than they are in today's world. Sin is a very dangerous thing. It leads to so many serious issues. Pride, lust, self-hatred, hatred for others, as well as many crimes that spawn from those things. But, as you and I know, when we put God at the center of our lives life really is better. Sure, we have issues and life problems to deal with. But God teaches us how to overcome and have faith.

    Stories like the one you told tend to reach people who are going through tough times. It is all part of your testimony. God let's us go through things for reasons that, at the end of the day, all glorify His name. Even if it is testimony of our past, before we were born. It leads to how we are raised and who raised us, and it becomes testimony of who we are, based on what we did with our past and upbringing.

    God loves you, Sister Terry, and so does your CLM family!
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