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Will the sadness ever least briefly.  I captured this photo of the setting sun Friday evening and I see a subtle heart shape round about.  The balance of nature shows God's providential care.

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  • Stunning image Steve.  What is is about sunsets that so obsesses us humans?  Something so simple as the radiation from our star coming through a huge amount of atmosphere and reflecting off the dust particles and being refracted by the moisture in our atmosphere, changing the light frequencies, causes us to stare in wonder.  It often tells us what the following day will be like, it gladdens our hearts with promise and prepares us for the dark period that is night.  We gaze in rapture at the sky, and makes us think of God painting the sky with a multitude of colours and hews that only He could imagine.  God sure knew what He was doing when designed the sunset.

  • The Hebrews say began at sundown. I always thought that was ironic.
  • I meant day not say Lol
  • Not so ironic Amanda, the reason for this was that this was how it was created.  When God created the Earth evening came first at the end of that first day, there was no morning because nothing existed until the day.  Genesis 1 always states "And there was evening and there was morning, the first day." and this is stated for all six creation days.  So the Hebrews continues to start and end their days at sundown.  However I take your point that these inspiring sunsets come at the start of the day, to inspire us over the next 24 hours, good thought.

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