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Spider Jewels

Spider Jewels are so beautiful when they catch the light, I know so many are fearful of spiders but they are amazing creatures. There are 40000 different species of spider, and some spider webs are so big the stretch across rivers.  Because spider silk is so flexible, light, strong, and water resistant, it has a ton of potential applications. Researchers are busy developing bioinspired, synthetic versions of spider silk like this "liquid-wire", as well as adhesives based on their sticky glue-like protein droplets.  Spider web silk is five times stronger than steel, spiders can even weave webs to use as para-shoots to be used for transportation on the wind.

They have even been the inspiration for people, like King Robert Bruce of Scotland who was defeated by the English and hiding in a cave.  He watched a spider making and failing to to build its web, again and again the spider tried until it succeeded, it inspired Robert to go back.  So Bruce decided also to reenter his fight and told his men: "If at first you don't succeed, try try and try again".

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