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Why are you terrified, o you of little faith?

You show me, o Lord,
the root of my fears:
lack of trust, the lack of trust in you.

The story of your relationship with men
testifies that you, Lord,
you have never withdrawn your word:
rather your word of salvation became flesh in Jesus.

And yet, Lord, the storms of life are sometimes so violent
to upset us and make us lose control,
to darken the sky and hide the port.

I have always envied the apostles on the boat with you:
you were physically there, although asleep,
and they could shake and wake you up.

But today, how can we wake you up, Lord?
It seems that sometimes you don't hear our cries for help,
that the distance of the sky is unbridgeable.

In answering your question
"Why are you afraid, people of little faith?"
we not only acknowledge the root of our fears,
but we also find the secret to be able to wake you up:
trusting you, you that by the power of love
have defeated evil and have conquered death;
believing in your promise to be always be with us
as the risen and the Lord.

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