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In John 8:1-11 we read about the women caught in adultery. Jesus was asked about the situation and he started to write in the sand and dust. What do you think he wrote on the ground?

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  • He wrote their sins!
  • I think what Jesus wrote on the ground may well have been the names of the pharisees and the specific dates, times, & places along with the names of their temple Concubines, or [P word].
    ONe probable irritating thing the Pharisees hated was being called out of their secret sins.
  • It doesn't matter really what He wrote in the dust, what IS important is that He had mercy on the woman who was taken in the act of adultery. The man wasn't brought with her, and those who (mis)quoted Moses said that she deserved death for her sin. Jesus' answer to their demands was beautiful and correct: Let him who hath no sin cast the first stone at her. Notice they went out in order of age, the oldest leaving first. Someone said once that they remembered their many sins, whereas the younger were remembering their fewer sins, but also was waiting to see what their elders would do. The only Person present who had any real right, based on Jesus' statement, was Jesus Himself! When it was just the woman and Him left, He asks her where her accusers are. Who condemns you? She answers no man, my Lord. Neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more. What a beautiful picture and lesson of the mercy, grace and love of God!! It's an interesting question to ask, many have speculated over it for as long as I can recall, but if it was at all important, we would know the answer because Scripture would tell us.
  • I believe that psicology would answer this question . Here's my answer : We know that Jesus had a hard time with Rabbis and pharisees . He pointed out in several occasions thier stubborness , thier false uprighteousness , thier weakness of faith , thier preveledged life etc etc . Lets say that Jesus was angered by them , tired of debating with them , so frustrated by thier behaviour and lack of mercy that while they were let's say , "At it again " , with thier provoking him to leed him in error ;That at some point Jesus started to make fun at them by scribbling on the dirt as if to show them that to him his scribbling was more important than thier usual interpretation of the law as to show them that he had no interest in what ever they had to say or simply showing them that they are in no authority to teach him anything .
  • Sins of the men as He looked at them
  • Maybe he knew their secret brotherhood code (they did go about in a mob). Then they knew he had everyon's secrets.
  • I agree with Kim. I think Jesus was pointing out each of their sins.....
  • I think he might have been writing some of their sins and that’s why they dispersed so quickly.
  • BTW it takes two to commit adultery. Where was the man? Do you think maybe this was a setup? Maybe a trick to get Jesus to make an unjust judgment?
  • Bishop K. C. Pillai wrote some books about eastern customs and expressions. His books are available at He says writing on the ground was a common eastern custom to focus the mind and shut out distractions.
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