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Would you be more likely to attend a church service that followed traditional style worship ( Congregational singing and bible sermon), Or a new age type service with a group leading a praise service?

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  • I believe that we can worship our Lord God in any situation, in Church, out of Church, traditionally or in the Non-Denominational services, which is what I believe referenced here. I have changed churches four times in the last eight years in moving from city to city. I look for the place I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit not only in the type of worship but in the sermon or lessons taught. I happen to prefer more upbeat praise music, however, Christian worship, whether in traditional hymn or praise worship, is in no fashion to be considered "New Age" from the beginning and in the Psalms David wrote we are to praise and worship God with instruments, singing and dancing. Praise services can be nothing more than a concert if it the Holy Spirit is not present.
  • I agree Gary, as a one time worship leader, the style of worship should be whatever the congregation wish it to be. Our Sunday morning service was completely different from the evening service when it was mainly older people (50+) rather than a wide range of ages from five to seventy in the morning. But then we rarely did the evening service, and left it to the church organist and the older hymns.
  • I feel like the question is leading or at least revealing the feeling of the person asking by using the term “new age”.
    I facilitate worship in our church. I guess I would be considered the “worship leader”. I don’t use that term myself because I believe that I as well as others facilitate congregational worship, I’m not anyone’s leader.
    However as the “worship leader” it is important to know the flock and to facilitate EVERYONE in their worship of the Lord. This usually means that because of our varied age groups we have a wide variety of both older hymns and more modern songs of praise and worship. I also write new songs and introduce them to the congregation. But above all, our worship must be done with reverence for our Sovereign King and Saviour.
    So from personal experience I would have to say that choosing a church should not be on musical preferences but rather that it is a biblical church with sound doctrine and reverent worship.
  • This is a general issue with polls, its not just asking a question, a poll needs to specify what is meant by the terms used. One of the mistakes here was using the term 'New Age' (which is a Satanic perversion of faith) which I believe, has misled several of those responding to the poll. The truth is that many churches have a good mix of modern and traditional in their services, catering for both the young and the more senior members of the congregation.
  • I'm agreeing with you, Dr. Blake. The way the question was worded made it sound like it was either traditional or contemporary worship, as if the latter disregarded Biblical preaching. When I hear "group leading a praise service", I think the very opposite of liturgy.
  • Mike, I think the discussion is not about discarding the hymns but rather about singing modern praise and worship songs and having a service that is more flexible rather than a strict liturgy. A service that allows people to worship from the heart, rather than speaking their praises parrot-fashion.
  • It's a false dichotomy. You can have modern-style contemporary worship AND sound preaching in the same service. Discarding the hymns does not necessarily mean "New Age" beliefs (I haven't heard that since the '90s!).
  • " they did not want a sermon that told them about sin but wanted something that made them feel good."
    This is what is the matter with the church of today, people want to feel comfortable, warm and fuzzy and ignore the bits that convict them of their sin, and why a good part of the church will not make it to the New Earth. If you ignore sin, you ignore confession and repentance, which separates us from God.
  • Thank you to all that commented. I have attended both and have heard those that commented that they did not want a sermon that told them about sin but wanted something that made them feel good. We are to praise God as the only one worthy of our praise but it seem to me that reverence is lacking in the praise services I have attended. I do know that satan will use any tool possible to turn us away from God so do not take anything for granted. Thank you for your response. Your fellow servant in Christ.
  • Traditional for me
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