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Confession of a sinner

I'm new here and working on navigating this site. In my personal profile, I made a confession that I dont wanna retype here.

So, I guess you would have to click on my profile to see it.

The closer my walk with God gets, the deeper I dig into His word, the more He convicts me. Literally, just a week ago, I never would have posted the things I did today.

But His conviction led me to place that gave me knowledge and strength. He gave me the time I needed to read and find the things I found. And He led me here.

I found my issue, although taboo in the Church, was much deeper reaching than just a few oddballs. It effected MANY throughout the Christian Faith.

As I mention in my confession, I hope it can help others struggling with the same issue.

God Bless you all.

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  • In Matt.5 27-28 it says if we look upon a woman with lust we've committed adultery in our heart. Right after that it gets into plucking an eye out if it offends us, so we'd better take this seriously as a sin.

    Sexual fantasies and lust are indeed pretty common issues that Christian brothers and sisters have to deal with thru confession, repentance and forgiveness. I believe on this website we're pretty open about discussing these issues and I invite you to continue sharing with us!

    • I looked into this verse, wondering exactly what it meant. Basically, it says that I, and probably many, many more people sin on a regular basis. Not just any old sin, but adultry. That's a heavy burden to carry. How does one live with this guilt and fear. Well, here's what I found.

      In the original Greek text, the word translated to lust (a noun) was used as a verb, more closely translated to covet, as in the 10th cammandment. If I remember right, the same word was used for both in Greek text. Also, the word woman was used to describe a wife. Even in some of our modern translations, the term "lust after" is used. Adding the word after indicates an action.

      So, one could break it down as to say "One who looks at a married woman, with intent to covet, has already committed adultry in his heart."

      It kinda makes sense. Considering in order to commit adultry, marriage has to be involved. Though this doesnt justify impure thoughts even if no action is taken, it can relieve some of the guilt for those who struggle with this, men and woman a like. Even more so for woman. There was a lot more explanation in the studies I did relating to this, but this is it in a nutshell.

      I dont know if I mentioned about the cutting off af hands and gouging out of eyes, so I will touch on that here.

      Jesus spoke a lot in parables. This statement was literal, but in a figurative form. YES, cut off your hand, gouge out your eye if it causes you to sin........

      But they dont cause you to sin. It wouldnt do no good. Sin starts in the heart, not your hands, feet, eyes, ears. Your heart is always what causes you to sin. 


      • I believe the main point the Lord has in including Matt. 5:27-28 is to emphasize that all sin, even universal sin, needs to be turned away from. That we all experience it, and we all must deal with it.

        Mankind would tell us that lust/sexual desire is a normal, universal feeling while the Lord is showing that we need to turn from the human man and to the Godly and turn from this sin, and all sin, even tho we all may have committed it at some point in our lives. He's saying we are all sinners, and we need confession, repentance, and forgiveness.



        • I agree. Please understand, I'm not trying to justify sinful behavior. But I did find that study interesting.


          • You do make a very valid point about lust beginning in the heart... So I guess I would ask what it is that you have done to cut off or gouge out that willful giving into within the heart other than over intellectualising it... Trust me I am very encouraged that you came out this far in confession... Because this sin can multiply in the heart longer than any other sin unnoticed for decades before manifesting itself. My hats off to your measure thus far....

            • Castulo,
              I'm actually glad you asked.
              I'm finding understanding in what I deal with, and still searching.
              Knowing how many Christian's are struggling with this issue has helped me a lot.
              So, I'm cutting it out by finding strength in Christians who know what I'm dealing with. Reaching out to others who can guide me.
              Learning from others experiences and how they deal with it, through Scripture and other means.
              Simply knowing I'm not alone, I can find strength in others and I'm utilizing that.
              Its changing my thought process as we speak.

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