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End Time prophesy is coming upon us!

This little Blog was originally written and published on Facebook in Sept. 2017. Natural disasters have not let up, and this summer saw a large impact in the Caribbean of several hurricanes, and it seems the western US is completely on fire at times. Natural disasters are happening all the time, and getting worse as we get closer to our Lords return.

End Time Events?

First off, before I go any farther into this Blog, please take a minute and pray for all the people being affected by the disasters I'm going to discuss here.. They really need it, and I don't want to go any further without asking you to pray for them.

Now, in my nearly 62 years of life on this Earth, I cannot recall a time with more man-made and natural disasters happening at the same time in this country of ours, the United States. In my mind, disasters, particularly natural ones, are a sign of the end times, a sign that our Lord Jesus Christ is returning. I am by no means an expert on end times phenomena in Revelations, and elsewhere in the Bible, leaving that particular field of study to other, more imaginative individuals. What I CAN do, myself, is observe whats going on,, and come up with what I see as how close we are to His return based on the seriousness and frequency of these disasters for myself, and- Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I think we're VERY close to His return!

Right now, this weekend, we are in the process of assessing the damage from Hurricane Harvey, which was extremely destructive to the Houston area of Texas, dumping over 50 inches of rain over 5 or so days on the Texas gulf coast. The storm is not over quite yet, and everyone down around Texas is soaking wet, when we have a monster of another Hurricane, Irma, lining up on Florida. This is a large Category 5 Hurricane that virtually leveled the Bahamas, is offshore of Cuba as I'm writing this, and the question is which coast will it ride up of Florida, the east or west. Whichever it does, it will bring massive damage. Worst case scenario, I believe, would be to skip right over Florida and grow even larger in the Gulf (warm water breeds big hurricanes there; the water is warmest on record), making landfall in our southern states up to Louisiana. That's our current Hurricane situation.

Hurricanes tend to "chain" and follow one another, starting in Africa. There's already another one lined up behind Irma which is turning out to be a very large storm as well. We will probably be dealing with that one after Irma gets done.

Today they had an 8.1 magnitude Earthquake in Mexico. Damage reports are still coming in, but 8.1 is up there with the strongest ever recorded. A Tsunami is also being reported. I'm sure there will be massive damage and many casualties. There has been seismic activity in the Yellowstone Park basin recently, which is really our most dangerous area for a massive volcano; it's anticipated that it's probable someday (soon?) that the whole bowl could collapse in on itself, and the pyroclastic flow could reach Chicago or further. This seismic activity could be caused or related to the recent nuclear detonations in North Korea, which could become another disaster, this one man-made. And, potentially causing nuclear war, killing millions and possibly setting off the Yellowstone Volcanic activities.

So, what to do. Be eternally grateful for our Faith in Jesus Christ, knowing all of these events and actions are known ahead of time, and that He has a plan for us in them. It's called the Rapture (1 Thes. 4:13-18). It's my belief that before things get too bad here on Earth, Jesus will pull us (Christians) out and up to Him in the clouds. (Come quickly, Lord Jesus!). (See my Blog on the Rapture).

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Pastor Rolf Anderson is a Non-Denominational Charismatic Christian born again in 1980 by the Grace of a Loving God. He is the Administrator for this website, meaning He's a servant to all who may need help here.

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  • I was dumbfounded after reading Revelation. I couldn't understand why people wouldnt turn to God when he pouring his wrath out on them. It just didnt make sense.

    But then it hit me. Why would they turn to God if they've been taught that its man that created the problem?

    That, of coarse, led me to consider what we were warned about regarding false teachings. And to teach that man could cause or fix the problem, excludes the Gospel and the prophecy warnings of this coming.

    What a nearly perfect false teaching from the devil. I say nearly because he hasnt fooled us all.

    • Exactly, Brother. The enemy has the news people all brainwashed, everyone else thinking what they see on the news must be truth when it's a big lie a lot of the time. At least it's pretty easy to discern the lie when you believe in, and know, the Word of God.


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