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Exodus 2

From Exodus 2

The infant Moshe (Moses) was in danger from his birth.  The dynasty in power had enslaved the Hebrew people and now a call went out to kill male infants in an effort to keep the population of the Hebrews down.  The evil authorities were alarmed by foreigners in the country but their ways of handling the situation were evil.

The mother of Moses (Moses not named yet) was obviously in great despair but she knew as a loving mother that she had to protect her baby son. She finally decided to hide the small child in a floating basket, among the Nile River grasses and flags.  This must have been very hard for her, but it was the only chance for the child. Imagine how difficult it was for her.  If a women gives a child up for adoption it is generally a hard choice but it is probably for the best, but in this case we see a mother sending her babe out upon the waters not knowing what fate the child might encounter. The Nile is full of dangers.  This is the awful situation she found herself in, but often good things come out of sad situations for here we see that the child was found by a princess of Egypt and adopted.  We must trust in the Lord.  Sometimes when things are seemingly at the most hopeless point good things spring forth. The story of Moses is a superb lesson on this. (Psalm 30:5).Pastor Zomok

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  • I love this painting Steve, right down the papyrus plants, you know what it is about instantly, and every school child knows the story of Moses, even if it is through the Disney movie, 'Prince of Egypt'.

    The whole story has so many parallels with the story of Jesus.  The birth in hostile circumstances, the killing of the innocents, the flight to Egypt and Moses flight away from the killing of the overseer.  Then his return to lead His people out of slavery/sin,  Moses was even a prince and Jesus was also the Prince of Peace.  Jesus performed miracles through His Father, as did Moses; Moses saved his people on the first Passover, and Jesus saved His people by His sacrifice at Passover time.  These cannot be accidents, but God's time-table, that always follows a pattern, which is God's stamp on the things that are of Him.

    • Yes Jesus followed the Israel path in many respects.  After he passed through the waters of baptism he then went to the wilderness for many days but unlike ancient Israel, in the wilderness,  he withstood the temptations.  Later he gathered for himself 12 talmidim, which some say reflects the twelve tribes.  And his Sermon on the Mount has been called a 'Messianic Torah'. Types and patterns are a wonderful thing in the scriptures.

      • What is talmidim? I think it's disciples or students. Is that right? I can't verify what I found. Please assist.  :-)

        Nice picture.

        God bless,


        • 'Talmid' is a Hebrew word that means 'disciple'.  Talmidim is the plural – disciples. To be a talmid or talmidah is a strong statement.  It means you are devoted to Yeshua (Jesus), fixated on learning scriptures, putting them into action, and to become like Him.  A disciple is someone who is on the path to becoming like Jesus by the grace of God through the power of the Holy Spirit.  As the disciple becomes more like Jesus, they find their identity in Jesus and image Him by worshiping God with all their lives, living in gospel community with other disciples, and going on mission to make more disciples of Jesus.  Rather like the early church, and maybe what we should aspire to.

          • Thank you. That's great.  :-)  There's more to it that what I could find. I'm so thankful to have accepted Jesus. How did I ever do without Him?

            • Matthew 11:28-30 says, ' “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. 29 Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” (nasb).

              The word 'yoke' here is refering to the 'yoke of learning'. We follow Christ and learn from him.  He calls us...

  • Amen!  Very good post.  Bad situations can turn out for the good, if we put our trust and faith in the Lord.

    • I also kept it all simple because folks do not want to read a sermon.  I think they get bored.

      • Sadly, it's the same with the Scriptures, people don't read the Bible because it bores them, the reason why there are so many half-hearted Christians.  How will people learn what being a Christian entails if they are not prepared to read and learn?  Those who do not commit, Jesus says in John's vision [Revelation 3:16] that He will spit them out of His mouth.  Whether eople get bored or not, should not stop us from exploring the truth.

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