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The God Series - Creativity.

God is not lazy despite some painting Him like a clock maker, having set the time and watching as it winds down into predictability by the numbers. God is a creative being at His core of cognitively. His creativity is evolution by design and not by a sequential set of random events. He is in control of His creations by the employment of holistic design criteria.

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  • I notice you use the phrase, "The evolution of design" and, "evolution by design" several times in this article, can you explain for me what you mean by this?

    • Hi Dr. Derek.

      I must admit when this phase was coined I was a bit concerned for the word evolution has been twisted to mean only a creation method by secular minds, ie. mankind and animals.   The larger more comprehensive definition of the word evolution means development, transformation and adaptation. So in context 'evolution by design" acknowledging God is the ultimate designer to develope, transform and adapt his purpose despite man or satan interference. So that his original purpose for all will be fullfilled.

      • The thing is that when it comes to design God's creation was not developed, it sprung fully formed from the mind of God.  God created matter and once created He used it to form the universe to a plan that was already in existence.  Using the term 'evolution of design' just didn't happen.  Just an unfortunate phrase, I think.

        • Full formed is the same as conceptualized which is nothing different than an architect's vision of a building but to design implies an active input which God does for all his creation. To say all things are already designed to function paints God as that clock maker and not one who wants relationship that requires involvement. It may sound like semantics but God is living and not just eternal.

          Great discourse. Keep it coming.
          • I would agree, however we (almost everyone) projects human standards upon God, we look at the way our minds and thinking process works and we project that in Him.  We cannot do that, although we were made in His image, our minds are nothing compared to the mind of God, which our puny minds cannot fathom.  We are dealing with a mind that brought matter into being where none had previously existed, Ex-nihilo, instantly creating both time and space.  By His power He manipulated matter to bring into existence the universe and everything in it, so many imagine God's hands rolling up lumps of clay and throwing them into space.  It is because of this physical concept that man invented evolution, because it is easier to visualise evolution than to understand the mind of God, because it fits with our concepts.  He didn't wave a magic wand, it was simply His almighty power that brought everything into existence fully formed, matter controlled and conforming by the will of God.

            • Yes. I agree with your statement. Often I state in the blogs that we must not human thought mechanics to figure out God but using the Bible as a basis for how God operates.
              This blog is my feeble attempt to speak to God's creativity which is not only creation but more to His active and innumerable ways to achieve His purpose. I draw on my professional experience in dealing with mitigations to have a perspective and appreciation of God's vast and infinite abilities to be God and at the same time our Father.

              You are Blessed.
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