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Zomok, steve and linda f favorite are now friends
4 hours ago
Terry Stonebarger replied to Dr. Derek P. Blake's discussion The Carrot and the Stick in Bible Study
"Brother Derek,  I couldn't help thinking as I read the lesson that I am one of those who do not like fire and brimstone preaching.  It tends to drivew me to distraction to the point that I quit listening.  However, what I do like is a lesson that points out things that the person in the story they use to let's say point out the wrongs and the rights of a situation and the wrong and right way to deal with situations.  I tend to be able to see myself making the mistakes and having to deal with the consequences.  I learn best when I can place myself in someones' shoes and can identify with the problems at hand.  I don't know if I'm making any sense to you or anyone else, I'm sorry.  This is part of my problem right now, having problems trying to express myself later in the day.  I will leave you be for now and if I remember what it was that I was trying to say, I'll return.  I think I may have gotten at least a portion of what I wanted to use out co-herently.  Thank you for your every ef…"
5 hours ago
Terry Stonebarger left a comment on Prayer Requests
"Praise the LORD!"
6 hours ago
Terry Stonebarger left a comment on Prayer Requests
"Dear Heavenly FATHER, we come to YOU this fine evening YOU have gifted to us on behalf of Tammy a friend of Sister Josie's daughter. She is in critical condition with cancer. This is her second battle with the dread disease FATHER and we ask for YOUR Healing to happen quickly if that be YOUR Will. If it isn't YOUR will though FATHER, please take her out of her misery quickly and give those who know and love her the comfort and peace knowing that Tammy is with YOU and no longer in pain. This be our prayer in JESUS' High and Holy Name..........AMEN"
6 hours ago
Josie left a comment on Prayer Requests
"Please pray for my friend's only child (Tammy) who is in serious condition in a hospital.She is battling cancer for the second time.It has spread to most of her organs.She is in her 40's.Thanks for your prayers."
7 hours ago
Josie left a comment on Prayer Requests
"Praying that the Lord will grant you your request.And that everything will go smoothly for you.God bless you with your studies and your work."
7 hours ago
Josie and Anne Marais are now friends
7 hours ago
Dendy Shepard is now friends with Dr. Derek P. Blake, Pastor Rolf Anderson and Mary Osborn
7 hours ago
Mary Osborn left a comment on Prayer Requests
"Shari made it safely. I give thanks to God. She had an uneventful trip. She's snoozing for a few hours. I thought Gary, Shari and I would have supper together this evening.
God bless,
13 hours ago
Eloise Dunn posted blog posts
13 hours ago
I do wish to apologize to others here who are not members of Prayer Request for publishing the welcome notes being published here but I still am unable to send them out to only group members. I will continue to work on the problem and next time I will attempt to use another computer and see if that works. Thank you for your patience. terry
Terry Stonebarger left a comment on Prayer Requests
"LORD we pray that YOU stand by Sister Anne and give her the balance she is seeking. She is one of YOUR good servants and is trying to study and work at the same time. Give her the guidance and strength along with stamina to continue in her endeavors and keep the work plentiful but not overwhelming for her. This be our prayer in JESUS' High and Holy Name.......AMEN"
13 hours ago
Eloise Dunn replied to Terry Stonebarger's discussion Suicides: Do they go to Heaven?
"Yet, even though a person coimmitt's suicide, if a person cries out to Jesus, with his/her last breath, saying forgive e Lord, that person shall be forgiven.
14 hours ago
Anne Marais left a comment on Prayer Requests
"Thanks Pastor Rolf. God bless..."
15 hours ago

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