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The group was created so that people could feel welcome to share books that have been an inspiration to them. There are many books out there that we could learn from and There is such a wide variety of books to learn from. there are biography, history, inspirational and relationship books and much, much more. Have you read a good book lately? Been inspired by a good study of the Word? Let's be inspired and learn together so that we can learn more in our Christian walk following Jesus Christ.


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  • Hi shalom...I'm disy and I'm new in this group. Well one of my hobby is reading. I like to share with you a book that blessed me much about the keys to powerful life-changing breakthroughs in prayer as prayer is essential for our lives. The title of the book is A DIVINE REVELATION OF PRAYER by Mary K.Baxter with George Bloomer.
  • Thru the bible commentary series by J. Vernon McGee are an excellent study on the word
  • Hi there folks. I'm Emily Norris and I LOVE Christian based fiction, both reading it and writing it. I'm eager to share my insights as well as find out about some exciting new titles. Glad to meet you all. :)
  • I love to read Christian Thrillers...Edge of your seat suspense by authors like Frank Peratti, Tedd Dekker, James Rubart, and Jerry Jenkins. I love reading a book that is so hard to put down, you keep saying to yourself, "Just one more chapter", and then you read that chapter and you have to go on to the next one and the next one. I have on occasion stayed up all night long reading because I couldn't put the book down. It makes for a tiring day, but there's just something about a good book. I also like Christian Romance...anything by Karen Kingsbury, and inspirational books by Christian authors like Beth Moore. I am new to this site, but I want to say God bless to all of you and happy reading. If you like Christian suspense novels, check out James Rubart. He's a fairly new author, but he has written some really good books...Like, "Rooms", "Book of Days", "The Chair", {("Soul's Gate", "Memory's Door", "Sprit Bridge"...these three are Well Spring Novels Book 1, 2, and 3)}...
  • I must say one of my all time favorite books is Hinds Feet on High Places. Over the years I have read it 3 or 4 times. It is an awesome book!
  • Two of the best books Ive ever read, studied are Greater Works, Smith Wigglesworth and The Believer's Authority, Kenneth Hagin ... both excellent reads!

    • I will look for this book by Smith Wigglesworth. Love his books!
  • Currently I am reading "Politics: According to the Bible", by Wayne Grudem. It is a large one that I checked out from the library.  I might do a review unless someone beats me to it.

  • There are three books that inspired and impacted my life as a growing Christian. The first one was The Purpose Driven Life, given by my friend when I accepted Jesus. The second was The search for Significance, by Robert S. McGee, which enabled me to understand the Truth about who I am and how worthy I am in the Lord. And the last is one of the life-changing books by John Piper 'Don't Waste Your Life', which has taught me what Life is really about, how to live it well and not waste it. These books are a must read for every growing Christian. Jesus bless you! 

  • I was blessed to receive an Advance Readers Copy of The Sinners' Garden by joining William Sirls Street Team while back when he had posted openings on his facebook page.

    BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! Mr. Sirls, you did it again! This book deserves more than 5 stars!!!

    In this book we met Andy (a teenager who hates his mom), Judi (Andy's mom), Rip (Judi's brother) and Heather (long time friend of Judi and Rip). Andy doesn't understand why things has happened to him and why he has a scar on his face and he believes God doesn't love him, well he starts hearing God in a very usual place. His uncle Rip wants him to start loving his mom again and give his life to God but will Andy do that or will he just continue to be behind the wall he has built so many years ago. Judi, is heart broken that her son hates her and she will do anything to make her little boy love her again. But what can she do? Rip, is an ex-con who had been dealing drugs when he got arrested. Did his time in the joint change him or did it make him a harder man to deal with. Heather, the family friend who is also a small town cop has her own problems that she is trying to get over but will she ever be able too? 

    I am not going to tell about the garden you will have to read how that fits into the book :D

    This is a part in the book when I read it I just loved it that I had to jump online and post it on my facebook page: 

    What does moping around do for anybody? Did you know that a bad mood is the fastest kind of mood to spread? page 291 of The Sinners' Garden by William Sirls.

    Rather you have read The Reason or never heard of William Sirls you really need to read this book! It just made my top 10 books of the year and The Reason was already on that list! The Sinner's Garden is a stand alone novel.

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