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Written and organized by  Keith Hobkirk, a Missionary in Nanking, China who is busy serving the Lord by supporting underground churches in communist China. He comes up with all kinds of wonderful, Christ-Centered devotionals and information about China and elsewhere.

Pastor Hobkirk currently is being censored and prohibited from accessing this web site by the Government of China, so he emails material to Pastor Rolf for inclusion here. If you wish to correspond with him, send your comments to Rolf in a message and he will forward them


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This group is made up of Noonday (and other times/occasions) Devotions, which are written or collected together by Keith Hobkirk, a Missionary in Nanking China.

May the Good Lord Bless Brother Keith for all his wonderful works here and elsewhere on the site (see also: Non American Members Group) and keep him safe from human and Spiritual forces in the difficult country of Communist China, AMEN.

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  • REMINDER: Pastor Hobkirk is in an unregistered House Church in China and under Persecution there. Please remember to not give out (including any postings to this site) any information other than his name (like his email). The Chinese Authorities are actively searching for House Churches to shut them down.
  • I am so blessed to have a ministry here in china, I have a team of translators here and we translate and proofread devotions from english to chinese. You may see them in chinese gems. If you are chinese and are willing to help us please do so.. maybe you dont know any chinese people.. please place this on your facebook page.. share it with your contacts.. please tweet it.. donald duck.. oops trump likes tweeting

    Please tweet english servant of God needs chinese translators.. contact Pastor Rolf here to volunteer.
    Maybe you have some chinese friends.. I am convinced there are many people out there who can join this vital ministry.

    Thank you

    God bless you

    Keith Hobkirk
  • Pastor Hobkirk emailed me today with some needs of his. Please uphold him, and form wall around him of prayer as he requests and if you can translate, let me know and I will put you in touch with him. Pastor Rolf


    Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ

    What i need is twofold..

    one is for chinese churches or any english speaking church to support and pray for us creating a prayer wall around us

    two is for translators.. the church here needs good teaching.. I have much good stuff but its all in english.. some chinese brothers or sisters could they help with translating.. please ask them email me

    thanks so much

    • I wish I could help with the translating, but alas I only know the one language, English. I'm sorry about that, but I do have you covered in prayer. GOD'S Blessings on you and your congregations. Dear Heavenly FATHER, please let translators that Pastor Hobkirk needs crawl out of the woodwork so to speak in order that all that can be translated is translated. Also, please build that prayer wall around His group and help the people coming to listen to Pastor Hobkirk and help them build that wall with utmost speed for their protection. HE helps those who help themselves, but a helping hand is also stretched out with giving a prayer. Let all the Christian Churches be Blessed in abundance in China and through out the world. This be our prayer in JESUS' High and Holy Name..........AMEN
  • My name is Keith hobkirk. I am british and live in nanjing with my chinese wife helen. We oversee an unregistered church and here and both teach.. myself at home and helen in school. I also write devotions and have a translation team.

    Please consider becoming a translator or a prayer warrior

    Apart from translators, we want churches and individuals to partner as prayer warriors. For chinese people I will send chinese gems once per week.. full of articles, prayer requests and sermons in both english and chinese. English speaking people will receive devotions written by me and also a monthly prayer letter about our church. I hope you can share with us


    My name is Keith and I am british. I live in Nanjing with my chinese wife and we serve the believers here. I am privileged to write devotions and am looking for translators and proofreaders, who can read English well. If you are able to do this, please would you contact me thru Pastor Rolf here. Please note I am unable to pay for this.. this is a service to our Saviour and to the church.
    我是一名英國人,名字是Keith. 我和我的中國妻子住在南京,我們在這裡服務信徒。我特寫禱文(福傳文章)以及尋找英語比較好的翻譯者和校對者。如果你能夠這樣做,請在微信上聯繫我,我的ID(微信帳號)是 totallylovedbygod ;或者也可以給我發郵件請注意,我不能因此而支付你,這是對我們救世主和教會的服侍。


    God bless you

    keith hobkirk
    Jan 14, 2017, 5:10 PM

    Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius, Jesus


    They are all basically saying the same thing and after all they were just men.. right.. well no!


    All of them were good people, who taught others the right way to live, but only one was the God Person.. Jesus


    Why makes Jesus so different to all these other good men.


    Let me give you 8 reasons:


    1. All Creation speaks of Him


    Jesus is fully God with his Father and he was before all things and he created all things. He is the sustainer of all things and He made all things. The bible makes it clear that He was before all things and created all things, if you read John chapter 1 and Colossians chapter 1 verses 15-17, you will clearly see this.


    2. Jesus is the grand subject of Scripture


    He is mentioned on the first page of scripture and he is mentioned on the last. Virtually every page points to him, either foretelling his first coming, sharing his incredible story whilst here on earth or sharing on how he will come again.


    His birth, death and resurrection are foretold, hundreds of years before these events happened. Seven hundred prophecies relate to his first coming, every one has come true.


    3. Jesus had a supernatural conception


    We are all conceived in the same way, one man and one woman and sin is passed on during that process. But Jesus was conceived differently, God supernaturally placed His son in the womb of a jewish virgin, thus he was without sin. Jesus was unblemished from sin.


    4. Jesus lived a simple and sinless life


    He was the first born son of Joseph and Mary and he had a normal childhood, he did all the things normal children do, he played with his brothers and sisters. He obeyed his parents in everything, he knew grief and pain as Joseph died when he was 15 and He became the main breadwinner in the family. He was a skilled carpenter, indeed everything he made was totally perfect.


    He knew every temptation we face and he overcome everyone of them, he faced every emotion we ever have and defeated all those. Because he faced everything we face, we can trust him to help us when we face up to that temptation or bad emotion.


    5. Jesus sacrificed his life


    Why Did Jesus come to earth? What was his purpose? Why would he die?


    Man cannot reach up to God, because of sin, so God had to reach down to man. Only someone who could pay the perfect sacrifice and could stand in our place and take our punishment, could do it. It had to be a lamb without spot or blemish and that was Jesus.


    God poured out his wrath that was meant for you, on his Son, on his righteous Son, so that we the unrighteous could be made right with God.


    There is a large gap in a gorge, you cannot jump across it, you need to build a bridge. There is a yawning gap between you and God and the only way it can be bridged, is by the cross of calvary. The perfect sacrifice of Jesus pays for our sin and his blood cleanses us from all sin.


    6. Jesus stunned us with his resurrection


    Now this wasn't some kind of magic trick, Jesus arose bodily from the dead. Was he dead?. Well the Romans, who were expert excutioners would of made sure of that!. Did the disciples steal the body? No they were a frightened bunch hiding in fear. Did the Jewish authorities take the body? Well when the disciples started preaching about Jesus, they could of said " here's the body of Jesus", what you are saying is total rubbish and christianity would of collapsed in a few days.


    No one else has ever risen from the dead, this is unique to christianity, the tomb is empty. The tomb of every major religious figure still has their remains in it, but Jesus lives


    7. Jesus will have a sudden return


    Jesus promised his disciples that he would return to earth, now we don't know when, he has given us clues all through the New testament and he warns that we must be ready. When he does return, their will be no second chances, many times in the bible he states that we have to make up our minds, before it's too late


    8. Jesus is the only one who can sort out your life


    Because of all the above, Jesus is the only one who can deal with the mess that man created in his/her life. This is because he deals with the root of the problem, which is sin and separation from God. He brings us into right fellowship with God and then he starts the life long process of changing us.


    Jesus is the only one who can mend broken marriages, save drug addicts and make people who are broken new again. When your computer goes wrong, you take it to the shop and it gets wiped clean, all the rubbish gets taken off, all the viruses etc, that is what Jesus does when he saves and transforms a person, he wipes the slate completely clean and gives then new life.


    How can this happen


    The philippian jailer asked What Must I do to be saved Acts 16:31, the answer from Paul was Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.


    The crowd in Jerusalem asked What shall we do? Peter said Repent Acts 2:38.


    There are two elements, belief and faith, reaching out to grasp God's grace and repentance, which means a breaking from your old life, it means turning round and walking in the opposite direction. Are you prepred to take these steps?


    What you will give up?


    Your whole life, you are his, Jesus is now in the driver's seat. But he has never disappointed anyone anyone who has to come to trust him fully. count the cost of turning from your sin and to commit your life to Jesus.


    What you will receive


    Life in abundance, you will have God's spirit living inside you as you go through life to guide and comfort you, you will have a new christian family and you will have the assurance of heaven and eternal life when you will be with God forever. That starts here on earth as you have fellowship with God as your relationship with Him has been restored.


    Your response


    There are millions across China and across the world, who have made this commitment and as someone who made it 40 years ago, it is the best thing I have ever done.


    If you want to make this commitment, please say this prayer


    Father God, I realise that I am out of fellowship with you, because of my sin and I come before you, to ask that you would forgive my sin, because of the shed blood of your precious Son on the cross. I repent from every evil way and give my life over to you to use in any way you see fit. Thank you for making me a child of God and I will live for you and you alone. In Jesus name.. amen


    What to do now


    Pray.. Talk to God about anything


    Read the bible start in the Gospel of John


    Fellowship.. join with your brothers and sisters in the faith on sunday and during the week


    Share.. tell others what has happened to you


    Baptism.. be immersed in water

    keith hobkirk
    Dec. 15, 2016, 6:03 PM
    MATTHEW 1 马太福音一章

    23 Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a Son, and they shall call His name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.
    23 说:必有童女怀孕生子;人要称他的名为以马内利。

    GOD IS WITH ME上帝与我们同在

    It is nearly 700 years since Isaiah's prophecy, the Jewish people are still waiting. Generation after generation has passed and still God remains silent.

    But now, God steps into human history in a new way, in the form of a man, Jesus, who is God's only Son, comes down to earth to dwell with us.
    但如今,上帝以崭新的方式介入人类历史—— 成为人的样式。耶稣,上帝独子来住在这世上,与我们同住。

    This was and IS the turning point of history. History revolves on this axis. That God came down to earth in the form of a man, someone who was fully God and yet fully man.Yes, He had all the bodily functions we have, experienced all the emotions we do and yet was without any sin or fault.

    To be living in Bible times and to have actually seen Jesus in the flesh, must of been incredible. Do you wonder what it was like? Did people realise who He was ?

    He lived a normal life for thirty years, He was the carpenter of Nazareth. Can you imagine Jesus making something for you? It must of been the most beautiful piece of furniture ever made, perfect in every detail.

    He walked around Nazareth, He went to the synagogue every Sabbath, as a faithful Jew. He lived thirty years in obscurity, the three years He lived in public view changed the world…forever!!

    In everything He did, there was perfection and now like that first Christmas, Jesus wants to come and live with you in your heart.

    I hope this Christmas time, of all the people you receive into your home and all the presents you get, that you will receive Jesus as your Saviour and Lord and that you will be able to say


    Jesus is my Saviour and My Lord

    God bless you


    MATTHEW 1 马太福音一章

    21 And she shall bring forth a Son, and thou shalt call His name Jesus: for He shall save His people from their sins.
    21 “她将要生一个儿子,你要给他起名叫耶稣,因他要将自己的百姓从罪恶里救出来。”

    WHY JESUS CAME? 耶稣为什么要来?

    Now there's an interesting question.

    So why did He come?

    Did He come to show us the right way to live?

    Did He come to show up the religious leaders of the day?

    Did He come to do the most shattering miracles ever seen on the earth?

    He did all these things, but the main reason. He came to earth was to die.

    Sin is man's problem and he can do nothing to eradicate it. The stain of sin remained even though, there were a series of animal sacrifices in the Old Testament that ultimately pointed to Jesus, but did not remove the penalty of sin from man's record.

    For that to happen a perfect sacrifice had to be provided, and that was the Son of God. He was born supernaturally, lived perfectly and died and rose again victorious over sin and death.

    Jesus came for one reason and one reason only. Sure He was the greatest teacher who ever lived, the greatest worker of miracles ever and the greatest rebuker of religious hypocrisy who ever walked the planet.
    But and this fact is paramount: HE IS THE ONLY SAVIOUR.
    He and He alone through His death on Calvary and His resurrection, can and does save sinful man.


    The only medicine that can heal sin is the precious blood of Jesus, who died for you.

    Let's make this personal:He came to save and has, praise God, saved Keith Hobkirk from his sin. He came to save (your name) from his/her sin, and to give them eternal life.
    让我们把这事情更个人化:祂来为了要拯救 (你的名字)脱离他/她的罪,为了让我们每个人得着永生。赞美上帝!

    Jesus is waiting for you. What will you do to find Jesus, this Christmas ?

    God bless you,

    keith hobkirk
    Nov. 23, 2016, 11:04 PM

    PSALM 138 诗篇 138篇

    7 Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me: thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies, and thy right hand shall save me.7节 我虽行在患难中,你必将我救活。我的仇敌发怒,你必伸手抵挡他们;你的右手也必救我。
    8 The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O Lord, endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands.8节 耶和华必成全关乎我的事。耶和华啊,你的慈爱永远长存!求你不要离弃你手所造的。


    The title of this Psalm is 这篇诗篇标题是


    When we are in trouble, like David was, one of our greatest encouragements, is that we can always trust HIM, because HE is completely faithful to us. Amen

    David is walking in the valley of the shadow of death again, but he says I will fear no evil, that is amazing confidence in God. Amen.

    In this psalm, David is growing very weary, he is surrounded by his enemies, but he prays for revival in his life and leaves his enemies to God.

    Note that he doesn't try to fight these enemies, he gives them over to God.

    Romans 12 about not taking revenge on your enemies. Instead, if you are hated by someone, love them back.

    David has some amazing advice for us in verse 8, his confidence for the future is placed in God alone. Why? Because God is faithful.

    Have your given your life into the safe and wonderful hands of God, if you have then you can completely trust his faithfulness.

    He abideth FAITHFUL.. AMEN

    God bless you,


    ROMANS 15 罗马书15章English use the Living Bible, 中文使用新译本。

    15-16 But even so I have been bold enough to emphasize some of these points, knowing that all you need is this reminder from me; for I am, by God’s grace, a special messenger from Jesus Christ to you Gentiles, bringing you the Gospel and offering you up as a fragrant sacrifice to God; for you have been made pure and pleasing to him by the Holy Spirit.
    15 但有些地方,我写得稍为大胆一点,是要提醒你们;我因着 神赐给我的恩典, 16 为外族人作了基督耶稣的仆役,作了 神福音的祭司,使所献上的外族人得蒙悦纳,靠着圣灵成为圣洁。

    17 So it is right for me to be a little proud of all Christ Jesus has done through me.
    17 所以,在 神的事上,我在基督耶稣里倒有可以引以为荣的。

    18 I dare not judge how effectively he has used others, but I know this: he has used me to win the Gentiles to God. 19 I have won them by my message and by the good way I have lived before them and by the miracles done through me as signs from God—all by the Holy Spirit’s power. In this way I have preached the full Gospel[a] of Christ all the way from Jerusalem clear over into Illyricum.
    18-19 别的我不敢说,我只说基督借着我所作的事,就是用言语行为,借着神迹和奇事的大能,以及圣灵的大能,使外族人顺服;这样,我从耶路撒冷直到以利里古,把基督的福音都传开了。


    No one could accuse the Apostle Paul of not doing the above. Amen.

    It is the most amazing privilege to stand before a gathering of your Christian brothers and sisters and expound the gospel, as I often say, it is the most humbling place and a place where you are alone with only the Spirit to lead you.

    Paul is drawing the letter of Romans to a close, he is bringing all the strands together of this glorious masterpiece.

    He surely has preached the full gospel of God to the Roman Church.

    The gentiles of the Roman and Greek world, had largely been won by the preaching of this wonderful man of God.

    Look at what he calls them at the end of verse 16, a fragrant sacrifice.

    It is a wonderful thing to lead people to Christ and to present them as a fragrant sacrifice to God.

    I wonder how many fragrant sacrifices you have offered to God?

    Have you ever had the privilege of leading someone to the foot of the cross?

    Look at what he says in verse 18, he has been used by God to bring the gentiles to God.

    Has God used you to bring anyone to HIM?.

    It is God's will that we are all soul-winners (Proverbs 11:32)
    上帝的旨意是我们每个人都是赢得灵魂的人。(箴言11章32节 “有智慧的,必能得人。”)

    God used Paul's message, he used Paul's life and testimony and He used the miracles done by Paul.

    As Paul says it's all by the Spirit's power.

    Believer, Paul's God is yours The same Holy Spirit that dwelt in Paul dwells in you.

    Let's follow the example of Paul and fully preach the gospel of God, where ever we go.Amen.

    God bless you,

    keith hobkirk
    Nov. 23, 2016, 11:09 PM

    Tell them that their poor brother is in flames — tormenting flames, inextinguishable flames!

    (James Smith, "The Lost Soul's Request!" 1860)

    "I beg you, father Abraham — send Lazarus to my father's house, for I have five brothers. Let him warn them, so that they will not also come to this place of torment!" Luke 16:27, 28.

    Observe the object of the rich man's solicitude — his "five brothers." They were perhaps younger than himself, though it is probable that he was comparatively young.
    They were still in the bright land of hope — and he was in the dismal region of despair!
    They were still under the kind reign of mercy — and he was under the iron rod of justice!

    He feared for them — for he knew in what state he had left them!

    He feared for them — lest they should persevere in sin, and at length come to the same place of torment! He most ardently desired their salvation, and that they might escape the sure wrath that is coming. He despaired of their salvation by ordinary means, and therefore he petitioned that Lazarus may be sent — that he might testify to them.

    Look at this lost soul in Hell — he remembers his brethren, and begs:
    "Send Lazarus to my brothers! Lazarus is no longer a poor, ulcerated beggar — he will make a fit and suitable preacher! They know that he is dead. They will be greatly affected by his appearance among them, and by the change that has taken place in him. O, send Lazarus, and let him bear testimony to the reality of this place of torment — to the certainty of all impenitent sinners coming here, however rich or distinguished they were on earth. Let Lazarus testify as to the nature of this place of torment, and tell them that their poor brother is in flames — tormenting flames, inextinguishable flames! Tell them that I am denied one solitary drop of water, or anything which will in any way alleviate my dreadful sufferings! Let him assure them . . .
    that Hell is real,
    that the punishment is most intense,
    that the sufferers are immortal,
    that annihilation is a fiction, and
    that deliverance from this fearful agony is impossible!
    Let, O let him tell them, that once here, they are here forever! Forever! Forever!
    And, O let him warn them of the folly, the madness — of neglecting the soul and its salvation. Let him testify to them, lest they also come to this place of torment! It is possible. It is probable. It is certain — if they live and die in sin as I did!"

    That poor wretch dreaded their coming there, for if anything could add to his torments — it would be to see his own brothers under the same condemnation, in the same horrid place of punishment! He also dreaded it, as most probably by his own example, and by his influence — he had hardened them in sin, and encouraged them in their ungodly course. It would therefore be an aggravation of his woe, and cause the flame that tormented him to blaze more fiercely — to see their eternal sufferings as his own fault.

    It must be dreadful — to be the cause or the occasion of another's soul being lost forever, and to have the sufferings of that soul constantly before our eyes!

    O what a terrible thing, the exercise of a strong memory in Hell must be!

    Reader! How is it with you? Inquire, inquire diligently, I beseech you! Is there any, even the most remote probability of your being sent into that place of torment? Think . . .
    of being tormented in flames of fire,
    of being tormented without the least alleviation,
    and of being so tormented forever and ever!

    Think of going directly from the bright land of hope — to the dismal regions of despair!

    Think of going from a land of light, of Bibles, of the means of grace — to suffer the vengeance of eternal fire!

    Is not the thought dreadful!

    If Hell was to be the doom of your greatest enemy — would you not try to prevent it? What if it should be the doom of your brothers, your sisters, your husband, your wife, your father, your mother! Can you admit the possibility, without being determined to leave no means unused, which would be likely to prevent so fearful a calamity?

    But what if Hell should be the destiny of your own soul? What if it should! It will be your certain doom — if you die unconverted. Perhaps there are some now in Hell, once related to you — who are now concerned for you. Are you as much concerned for yourself?

    Christian! Have you not some dear ones on the road to Hell — for whom you should be especially concerned?


    Sinners in the hands of an angry God!
    by Jonathan Edwards, 1741

    "Vengeance belongs to Me--I will repay! Their foot shall slide in due time, for their day of disaster is near, and their doom is coming quickly!" Deuteronomy 32:35

    OBSERVATION: There is nothing which keeps wicked men at any one moment out of hell--but the mere pleasure of God.

    1. There is no lack of power in God, to cast wicked men into hell at any moment.

    2. They deserve to be cast into hell.

    3. They are already under a sentence of condemnation to hell.

    4. They are now the objects of that very same anger and wrath of God, that is expressed in the torments of hell.

    5. The devil stands ready to fall upon them--and seize them as his own--at whatever moment God shall permit him!

    6. There are those hellish principles reigning in the souls of wicked men, which would presently kindle and flame out into hell fire--if it were not for God's restraints.

    7. It is no security to wicked men for one moment--that there are no visible means of death at hand.

    8. Unsaved men's prudence and care to preserve their own lives--do not secure them from death for a single moment!

    9. All wicked men's pains and contrivances which they use to escape hell, while they continue to reject Christ--do not secure them from hell for one moment!

    10. God has laid Himself under no obligation, by any promise--to keep any unsaved man out of hell, for one moment!

    1. Consider more particularly--WHOSE wrath it is!

    2. Consider--that is the fierceness of God's wrath, which you are exposed to!

    3. Consider--that the misery you are exposed to, is that which God will inflict to that end--that He might show what His almighty wrath is!

    4. Consider--that it is EVERLASTING wrath!
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