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2017-01-28 17.52.58

Here's  pic of our new lil' monster, Maximillian. Named him after my Corgi, which I had to put down in 2015. Max is a Miniature Schnauzer, and seems to want to bite everything he can get into his mouth, so we have training to do with him. He's 8 weeks old, nd doesn't walk or run, he kinda hops like a bunny everywhere. He's even got my King Charles Spaniel doing it! Max weighs about 1 pound mx. and is already dominant with her. Praise God we can bring  little more Love into our household!

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  • He's so cute!!! Now Ralph is gonna be in trouble. If I have my way we'll have 2 new camping buddies. LOL
  • What a lovely little dog, looks real cute.
  • Awww he is so gorgeous!!!! Will look forward to seeing more pictures of him as he grows into one of your family!! ❤
  • Thanks, all! He's coming along well with his training. Had him 1 week today, and mostly piddles outside (in the winter!) and rarely bites at me anymore. The wifie has to work on learning how to haandle him a little still. He's eating voraciously and growing fast. Y'all are invited to see him and his sister Louise anytime your around here.

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