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Just Say Hello, Human Test

Okay quick question for you Brothers and Sisters???

Are you ever walking on a local Street and say hello to a complete Stranger? what is their Reaction to your Kindness ?

You see, I am a believer that if you say hello to a stranger, it will help in many ways! Help with Kindness and Caring, Etc. 

Life is Precious, Love Life, Pray with GOD, be well, be Healthy and much more.

Now in my case I was Road Biking yesterday up a Mountain Road and on one Road I tried saying hello to someone

getting their mail, but they didn't hear me or didn't respond. Just kept riding on

I almost forgot about this Tab! doing too much in the morning! chatting with friends and more!

Okay, I think everyone should say Hello! but that is not how life works? all are not our friends, don't want to be, etc.

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Born And Raised in Santa Cruz California. Have lived in and around the county for 45 years of my life! went to local
schools. Graduated from Harbor High School in 1990

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  • That's a good question and I try to say hi to people , Because I have always thought that might be what that person needs is a kind smile and to know that there is someone out there that sees them , and never can tell that might be just what they needed to brighten their day .
  • We lived in the Big City of Liverpool (UK) for years, it's about average, people are always a bit suspicious of getting a cheery "Hello!" if they don't know you and often just frown back at you, or ask what you want.  We moved to Greece (Lesvos Island) in 2009, here some local people were lovely, but others viewed you either with suspicion or saw you as someone to rip-off.  We moved back to the UK in 2014 and went to live in Cornwall, that bit of the UK that thin bit that sticks out into the Atlantic in the extreme south-west.  The one thing that took us by surprise was how friendly the people were.  We would go shopping and everyone would just stop and chat, they were all strangers to us but they were all interested in talking.  Walking down the street here is just one long series of, "Hello!", after a while you get to recognise people and they stop and talk.  I think this must be the most friendly place in the UK, possibly in Europe.  In my experience the French, the Austrians and the Germans are not friendly at all, and generally they just stare at you if you say "Guten Tag."  I Think the Netherlands and Belgium  are the friendliness, the Italians  are a little stand-offish.  We love it here and don't think we will ever move again.

    • Californian's seem to have a Mixed bag of SMILES!!!!

      Like me, if you flash me a HELLO, I will say hello!

      or if you flash me a SMILE I will smile !!! yup 

  • Always.  along with giving them a smile.  They usually return it.

  • I say "Hello!" all the time to people I don't know. I try hard to keep a friendly spirit going when I'm out and about, and for the most part, people respond positively. I even, when having some ordinary conversation, like with a nurse or store clerk add "God Bless you!" onto the end of it before I walk away. That one tends to startle them, as they think about it. Sometimes they respond "You too!" and I believe I'm running into a brother or sister. It feels good to do so, and makes my spirit more joyful.

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