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Everybody will have an opinion as to where this country is at right now. This is NOT a very good place that we NOW find our selves at. Like I said, we are at a very volatile time. We have an outside influence from an outside 'Billionaire' who is throwing his money around (and is probably getting a tax write off from this), he is paying the protesters upwards of $20.00 an hour. He is is paying rioters. He is financially backing the 'Black Lives Matter' movement. This man is George Soros. This guy was an is a Nazi. One that was working for the Adolf Hitler regime. Then, we have all this from the 'Democrats'. The Democrats, at ALL costs are going for a "COUP", to overthrow the President of the United States of America, who was 'LEGALLY' elected to be the president by our electoral process. The democrats, back in 2014, at the Democratic National Convention, these Democrats was led at the 'VERY BEGINNING' of the Convention, led by then Democrat Mexican Mayor of Los Angeles, California, in a vote three (3) times to 'REMOVE' God and Israel from their platform. Now, here is two BIG players here. What is their 'AGENDA?' "To bring down President Donald J. Trump at any cost."

But, that is NOT all they are up too. Here is a News Article that I found on my Twitter account:

The Woodlands, Texas  ABC13

Recognize This Person? Woman Claims Man Took Photo of Her Inside Target Store Dressing Room (This is NOT word for word, I shortened it, this is the gist of the article):

Surveillance cameras captured the instantaneous reaction of a woman who says she was being recorded in a dressing room stall. Surveillance cameras catch him pushing her out of the way. She saw him in the mirror in the stall with a phone camera. She gave a description of him to the authorities, and he was pushing a child's stroller. Man was chased by Russell Sevier. Mr. Sevier  said, " Nobody was doing anything. The woman was hollering. I was on the other side of the store and ran to help." Sevier also said, "I really think they should separate the men and women's fitting rooms so this won't happen." The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office has a clear image of him and searching for him. Target had this to say: "We want all of our guests to have a safe and welcoming experience whenever they shop at our stores. We will not tolerate this behavior and we are working closely with law enforcement by offering whatever support is need. Since this is an active investigation, we ask that you direct all further questions to law enforcement."

Now, I want to focus on what the response from Target. The radio station out of Tupelo, Mississippi, American Family Radio, the president of this station back last year started a petition against the Target Retail Store Chain. This petition deals with this stance that Target has made to 'ALLOW MEN THAT THINK THEY ARE WOMEN TO GO INTO THE WOMEN'S RESTROOM'S and the WOMEN'S DRESSING ROOMS.' The petition, asks Target to rescind this stance and change this policy from their stores. I have read this petition and I also took a stand and I signed this petition, along with around 'Two Million other signatures.' Target refuses to undo this policy. The purpose or what AFR president Tim Wildmon told them, 'This policy is going to allow the pedophiles, and the like to have a open season to video little girls, and women in these dressing rooms.' And, since this meeting Target DID NOT seem they were even going to acknowledge this as wrong. Target stocks has plummeted. Foot traffic has slowed way down to just a trickle. Now, You will be VERY surprised that ALL the other stores like Target, like Wal-Mart, has even this policy also, BUT, they wanted to see what the "BACKLASH" was going to be with Target's stance on this. SMARTLY, the others back off and DID NOT implement the policy in their stores. SMART  for them.

Their are News articles, reports, and such that Target was wrong for this, because this is NOT the first time this has happened at one of their stores. There has been several, like four (4) other reports this has happened. And, Target says "They will not "TOLERATE" this behavior? Target wants their guests to have a "SAFE and WELCOMING EXPERIENCE?" I guess this is what Target means as a "WELCOMING EXPERIENCE." Since the first petition that AFR has done, they done a second or extended the first one, and took even more signatures to the Headquarters again. Still, NO backing away from this stance. 

How did we get to this point where we are at now? Well, that is so easy to answer, and that answer is BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. I say that Obama created this 'THIRD GENDER'. (He did not, but got it approved by the Courts of Judges that made HUGE donations to him). At the 2012 Democrat National Convention, when God was voted out of the Democrats Platform, the Democrats became a "godless party." When anything has God removed from it, that anything NOW becomes a godless anything. This country has witnessed this since that 2012 National Convention that was showed on our national TV stations that covered this convention. The proof is there that this DID happen. So, this is how ALL this has got started. The blame, ALL THE BLAME, is placed directly on the shoulders of Barack Hussein Obama. Barack Hussein Obama told ALL of America, that there will NOT be any backlash to your beliefs (not exact words said, but if you have followed or if you can remember this is the gist of). This was said when the Hobby Lobby case that started this. But, this was started when Obamacare came out and the abortion parts that 'Companies/Businesses' had to offered to their employees. After this case, other cases started popping up, coming out. A photographer, a florist, a wedding chapel, a business in New York state ALL was asked to do something for the 'Gay Couples' and these businesses was taken to court. The court ruled against the New York farm form NOT selling their produce at the local farmers market, ALL because they 'REFUSED' to allow a female same sex wedding be done on their property. The florist. She is a grandma and she employed the gay guy that 'SUED' her because she REFUSED to do the flowers for his same sex wedding. These two even sat down together and talked about this, the employee understood, and walked out and then sued her. She lost everything. But, what did Barack Hussein Obama promise ALL of America around the time of the Hobby Lobby case? It was a bunch of hot air from him.

With ALL of what is going on in this country is from the godlessness of the people that are wanting Anarchy, Chaos. This is from the devil himself/pits of hell. Now, Wednesday June 14, 2017, a Bernie Sanders (who is a Socialist) supporter went to the ballpark in Alexandria, Virginia and went to shooting the Republicans practicing for the historic game that has been played for charity, is 100 years of tradition between the Republicans and Democrats. A Senator from my home state is NOW fighting for his life. Why is this? because of ALL the 'RHETORIC" from the newly created "OBSTRUCTIONIST PARTY." Steve Scalise from New Orleans, Louisiana is doing better but, the full recovery is still a long way off. There was even a young kid out on the field during this shooting.  Now, their is this 'Public Play In Central Park in New York City' of Julius Cesar, depicting the 'Murder of President Donald Trump', instead of depicting the Roman Emperor. RHETORIC started by Barack Hussein Obama. 

ALL of Barack Hussein Obama's records have Been Sealed up. WHY? No other president has EVER done this. So why is it that he has done this? Barack Hussein Obama's 'Name Changed Records' sealed. Why? His 'Birth Records' sealed up. Why? And many other records are sealed up also. But, these two (2) records stand out to me. Why? Lets look at the 'Birth Record' first. It is a REQUIREMENT of ALL the states to have the candidate to put forth a 'Birth Certificate' BEFORE they can be put on a states ballot. Barack Hussein Obama DID NOT. How could he? His birth certificate is sealed up! So that NOBODY can know where he was born at. Hmmm. The 'Name Changed Records'. So, he had another name before he changed his name to Barack Hussein Obama. So what was his name he was given at his birth? What is he hiding from all America? When he went to Arizona and on the tarmac, Governor Jan Brewer, in her infamous picture of her pointing her finger at Barack Hussein Obama, there was something that no news station covered. Barack Hussein Obama, had a book in his left hand, and he had a finger marking his place in that book. Just what was that book he was reading? "Rules For Radicals", by Saul Alinsky. Hmmm. Google this book and especially take a very hard look at the 'Dedication Page.' Here you will find this VERY scary dedication to who this book is dedicated to. LUCIFER.  Now we can start to see just what started ALL this. And it does need to stop. But, it is not going to end any time soon. 

I have been researching this and following all this and this has kind of bothered me. Through all of my research, I had a friend to come to my house and visited with me. As he was leaving, the Holy Spirit moved him to prophesy to me this: "You are on the right tract. Keep doing what you are doing. People would rather believe a lie, than to believe the truth." When I have told this to some Christians friends/pastors, their reaction was VERY astounding. At that time, I told my pastor and I thought he was going to literally fall out his car and the look on his face was unbelievable. Christians would rather believe a lie than the truth? Really?

I know this has kind of went here and there. BUT, look at the end, then go to the beginning and you should see where this started and who is behind all this that is going on in America. It is a very sad day here.

Pastor Michael Burris

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