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Eloise Dunn posted a blog post
55 minutes ago
John Kennedy is now a member of Bible Study
2 hours ago
Dr. Derek P. Blake replied to Terry Stonebarger's discussion More Gun Control or Stronger Enforcement of What is Already There?
"I can see that you like many other US citizens have been brought up in the gun-culture, but much of what is said in defence of the right to own arms, is circular logic.  For instance, you say, "It is my duty to protect my family to my death if need be and if that means using a gun then so be it." however, but for the guns being available there would be little to protect your family from.  Here in the UK we have little need to own guns because there is little need to protect ourselves from gun toting advisories.  Sure we have guns here, but most criminals don’t carry them because if they do our special ARU’s will shoot to kill.  You will never do away with guns but we can make our countries a safer place to take away the need to carry them."
2 hours ago
Dr. Derek P. Blake left a comment for Randall keith Netherton
"Greetings in the name of the Lord Randall, and welcome to Christians Like Me, it's good to meet you as a member of this fellowship, seeking the Lord's will.  I can't wait to read more from you through our BLOGS, which there are many, or hear your opinion on any of the discussions in the FORUM, or even start a discussion yourself.  In the GROUPS area we have lots of groups with similar interests from tthe fun and hobby through to the serious.  Just jump in and and have some fun, every blessing."
3 hours ago via Facebook

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Randall keith Netherton and Pastor Rolf Anderson are now friends
5 hours ago
God is good all the time. I love him more everyday.
Mary Osborn left a comment on Prayer Requests
"God, please strengthen and comfort Diana and her sister. I ask for healing. In Jesus Christ's name, Amen."
11 hours ago
Pastor Rolf Anderson left a comment for Randall keith Netherton
"Hello, Brother Randall, and welcome to Christians Like Me, a web based community of committed Christians who come here to share their faith in Jesus Christ, support each other emotionally, Learn from each other, and have some fun! May I have you first review the top of the main Home page, where you will find a Newcomers Guide, which will help with navigating this large site. Next to that are some suggestions for getting involved here. Below that are some guidelines for using the site, and some simple rules to help us all get along here. Last, but not least, is a Paypal link where if you want to support the site, you can voluntarily and occasionally donate some money for it's server costs. Aside from these donations, the costs are completely covered by a very giving and generous webmaster, Cary Byrd. Lets help him out, if we can, here. I join all the other members here in praying you fit in well, and find a home here with all of us! And, remember, if you have a question or need anythin…"
16 hours ago
Randall keith Netherton is now a member of Join the #1 Christian Social Network -
16 hours ago
Terry Stonebarger replied to Terry Stonebarger's discussion More Gun Control or Stronger Enforcement of What is Already There?
"Brother Derek, Thank you for your reply with a very well put argument.  Sadly I'm one of those who cannot see taking away the guns from owners who have had no show of hostility, although, I must agree with you that at some point in time an honest, upstanding, caring type person can reach that red zone and begin firing.  To be quite honest with you, I might wake up one day annd find a loaded gun left out (very highly unlikely) and proceed to fire on anyone moving within 500 feet of my front window.  Also, extremely highly unlikely untess they are fixing to fire on a child in thhe neighborhood or one of my own.  The problem is, I am not all seeing and all knowing, I sure wish I was.  All I have to fall back on is the way in which I was raised.  It is my duty to protect my family to my death if need be and if that means using a gun then so be it.  I don't like the situation anymore than you do, I can assure you of that a thousand times over and if I could lay down my life today and that…"
16 hours ago
Dr. Derek P. Blake replied to Terry Stonebarger's discussion More Gun Control or Stronger Enforcement of What is Already There?
"I cannot help how I feel about this subject, it elicits the same response from me as does watching the news reports from Syria; anger, repulsion, extreme sadness and utter unbelief.  It really makes me want to weep, and I mean that literally when I say it makes me feel sick.
It seems that there is always someone or some organisation to blame, somewhere to point the accusatory finger; as long as that finger is not crooked and points at oneself.  As many of you know my second career was in the criminal justice field, and within that field I never seemed to stop getting training and qualifications, much of which was forensic psychology.  There is a principle here called Instant Automatic Response or First Automatic Response, which is the psychology about what happens when, and how, we respond to situations.  This psychology applies to almost anything we do as a response, from stealing a candy bar to using a firearm.  One of the most popular excuses in the gun control discussion is. ‘Guns…"
18 hours ago
Eloise Dunn posted blog posts
19 hours ago
Randall keith Netherton is now a member of Bible Study
21 hours ago
Terry Stonebarger left a comment on Prayer Requests
"Dear loving FATHER in Heaven we come to YOU today asking that YOU be with Diana Sister Linda's sister who is battling liver cancer. We are requesting a healing for Diana and for a calm strength of faith for Sister Linda. This be our prayer in JESUS' High and Holy Name.......AMEN"
22 hours ago
linda f favorite left a comment on Prayer Requests
"Please pray for my sister Diana. She has been diagnosed with liver cancer and her health is rapidly fading. She is unable to get treatments (chemo) either. I feel so bad that I don't live close to her so I'm unable to be at hand to support her. All I hope for is a miracle that she can pull through this with the Lord's strength."
yesterday via Facebook

Say “ Amen” if this is your prayer today!❤️🙏🏻

Terry Stonebarger posted a discussion
Due to the horrific happenings of a few weeks ago in Florida, once again we find ourselves, along with the rest of the world community screaming for mor gun control in our nation.  Everyone has opinions and I must say have a right to those opinions.  I will just take one moment to state how this writer feels about others' opinions.  Firstly many men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice for those of us priviledged enough to be a ciitizen of this nation and I will fight just as strongly for all of those rights they fought so desperately to afford us. It is also my opinion that listening politely to the opinions of others could possibly bring solutions to the problems at hand.  Now, what follows is this great grandma's personal opinion.  Take it for what it is:  the heartfelt feelings of an older woman with no legal degree, just simply 65 years of living and loving others.  I am not a crackpot, although at times I may seem to be and the Good LORD knows I am not even a smidgen close…
DISY ALBERT and Themmung mangkung are now friends
Terry Stonebarger left a comment on Prayer Requests
"Brother Derek, I keep you in my prayers constantly as I do many others close to my heart. Tell Dawn that if she concentrates she might feel my hand of comfort reaching out to her as well. I will keep up the prayers and reach to my own family here in the states for more prayers. Sending you both warm gentle bear hugs with much love to go along with the hugs..
Dear Heavenly FATHER, we come to YOU at this time as we continue to pray for Brother Derek and the cancer he is doing battle with. Please keep the bleeding to a bare minimum and the pain at non-existence levels. Give those taking care of him and his health the knowledge and wherewithal to do whatever it takes to keep him here with us until YOU are ready for him to come to YOU. This be our prayer in JESUS' High and Holy Name.........AMEN"

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