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Michel Leonora replied to Robert Hall's discussion Assured Assurance
"Hi. My friend why the most denominations are not understanding Romans 8:4. And also that if they don't keep the commandment of God, they are enemy of God. Romans 8:7. Because you have write about it,I have asking you this question 
2 hours ago
Pastor Rolf Anderson left a comment for Bill Young
"Hello, my Brother in Christ, Welcome to Christians Like Me, a web based community of committed Christians who come here to share their faith in Jesus Christ, support each other emotionally, Learn from each other, and have some fun! May I have you first review the top of the main Home page, where you will find a Newcomers Guide, which will help with navigating this large site. Next to that are some suggestions for getting involved here. Below that are some guidelines for using the site, and some simple rules to help us all get along here. Last, but not least, is a Paypal link where if you want to support the site, you can voluntarily and occasionally donate some money for it's server costs. Aside from these donations, the costs are completely covered by a very giving and generous webmaster, Cary Byrd. Lets help him out, if we can, here. I join all the other members here in praying you fit in well, and find a home here with all of us! And, remember, if you have a question or need anythi…"
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10 hours ago
if you just study the Word and not drink how will you ever eat meat??
Dr. Derek P. Blake replied to Malachy Kealey's discussion Who really is "Allah"?
"Allah is a name that simply means 'God' in Aramaic.  Allah started out as exactly the same God as ours, but as time went by the Islamic god was distorted and twisted, so that not there is little similarity between Allah and Jehovah.  If you remember Abram (before he became Abraham) took a servant girl because his wife Sarai (or Sarah) could not bear children.  Sarai gave Abram Hagar an Egyptian, who bore him a son, who they called Ishmael, as you may expect this in the end caused trouble.  Abraham sent Hagar and Ishmael away at God's command, in accordance with Sarah's proclamation, "this boy will not be an heir with my son Isaac" [Genesis 21:10-12].  There are many versions of the story, but it seems that Ishmael ended up at Mecca and was regarded as a great prophet.  He obviously followed God's word quite closely, but gradually after Ishmael's death the faith wandered away from God.  By the time of the prophet Mohamed in the seventh century the religion was mostly man-made, but litt…"
11 hours ago
Eloise Dunn posted a blog post
11 hours ago
Dr. Derek P. Blake left a comment for Daniel Santa
"Greetings in the Lord's name Daniel, welcome to Christians Like Me, good to have you with us.  I am sorry I missed you joining  a couple of weeks ago so this is a belated welcome.  We are a group of Christians that fellowship together and share the good and the bad, joys and trials, of being a Christian. We have been blessed by God because we believe the literal sense of His divine word and we try to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, we are God's people and CLM is God's site.. There are some great ways to get involved; in the BLOGS section, you will find a huge number of articles, here you can get a flavour of the site and add your own thoughts or blogs, should you so wish, or go into the FORUM where there are hundreds of live discussions open to you, discussion helps us learn. The GROUPS area contains many groups on a wide range of subjects, from hobbies to fun and to many more serious subjects. I look forward to reading more about you very soon. Hope you enjoy the site and have…"
11 hours ago
Malachy Kealey posted a discussion
After reading the gospel tract "Allah had no son" by Jack Chick, I've been doing lots of research on its claim that "Allah" was one of 360 idols in pre-Islamic Arabia who was the god of the moon. Apparently, it went by multiple names at the time ("Sin", "Molech", "Baal", "Hubal") and was the god of the tribe Muhammed was born into, who, after abolishing the other 359 gods worshipped by the pagan arabs, made the moon god into the god of the Qur'an. There is also a crescent moon seen on the idols chest, but Muslims claim the crescent moon and star of Islam does not come from the idol, and that Muhammed destroyed the god along with the others.Every none-Muslim source supports the view of Allah being in some way connected to the pre-Islamic moon god adopted by Muhammed, while Muslims obviously deny this. But I cannot trust Muslims scholars and teachers, who believe re-written history about all the prophets of the Bible and Torah and make the claim that Jesus was just another prophet, desp…
12 hours ago
Daniel Santa is now friends with Pastor Rolf Anderson, mrs Latonya and Rod Cameron
14 hours ago
Dr. Derek P. Blake commented on Bradford Hoel's blog post Welcome to the Rock Family Live Blog
"Sir, I find your reasoning of heaven and hell to be confusing, you say that you are examining the literal heaven and hell but you fail to quote any verses of scripture that support this.  The Bible plainly states that when we die we sleep up until the resurrection and judgement day, which is right and just, and our God is a just and merciful God.  Jesus, being fully God, was quite clear when He told Nicodemus in John 3:13, that no man has ever ascended into heaven.  Hebrews 9:27 tells us that death comes and judgement follows, it indicates that there is nothing in-between.  Ecclesiastes 9:5, indicates that the dead know nothing and all memory is lost, this seems to indicate a state rather like anaesthesia where there id no consciousness.  This is supported by several passages among them Psalm 146:4.  Hell is a distortion og what the scripture actually says and was used by the church in the middle ages to keep people in line, but in reality it only materialises after judgement with the…"
14 hours ago
Dr. Derek P. Blake replied to Dr. Derek P. Blake's discussion THE END - Daniel in Bible Study
"Thank you for your kind remarks, I try to follow what the Spirit is saying, so any confusion is mine and not the Spirit's. This is just the beginning of a series on the end times that I was prompted to to start.  Daniel is the earliest prophet to prophesy on the subject, which is why I started with him, so it is likely to turn into a long-ish series.  Like you, I also wanted to get some clarity into the prophesy, many writers on the subject list off the signs as if they are written in plain language, they are not.  So many of the details can only be realised in our modern age, with the hindsight of history, like Daniel, and others are a matter of logic, like the stopping of the blood sacrifice, which hasn't taken place since 70 AD when the Romans sestroyed the temple.  For the ssacrifice to be stopped again it must be started and that required a new temple.  I pray that the Spirit leads me and in a way that makes the prophesies clear to you and everyone.
15 hours ago

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