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Michelle r. Taylor updated their profile photo
46 minutes ago
Hello all christian brothers and sisters in Christ:
First of all, I just want to mention here, that I am truly blessed to be a new member on this christian site. It is truly wonderful to know that there is is such a faith believing group of folks who are connected together spiritually on this christian network site, praise the Lord for that. I love the idea that Christians come together to create their own faith based social networks for other Christians to join, thank the Lord that there are so many of them out there. I think that is awesome. I am just as thankful for your site as well and that I happened to find you all while doing a search on my private search engine.
I look forward to posting on here with all of you here and meeting new christian friends and joining a few groups as well.
Take care and God bless everyone,
Michelle r. Taylor
Michelle r. Taylor and Pastor Rolf Anderson are now friends
1 hour ago
Pastor Rolf Anderson left a comment on Prayer Requests

Please pray for our church, we have had to spilt into four house churches, things are very cramped, please pray for other church members to open their homes. Every housing complex has cameras to see if who comes in and out, please pray for protection for us and other churches, another church which was next door to us, has closed.

Please pray for protection for us, please pray for every church member to be filled with God's holy spirit, that we would be blazing torches that no one will be able to put out.


God has brought us into this persecution will surely bring us out of it, winter ends, it seems never ending, but spring does come.

Please hold us in prayer, this is spiritual warfare.. hand to hand combat.. time is short.. the devil is going absolutely mad.. the stakes are high.. millions of souls are on the line. Like the people, they need Christ.. will you stand in the gap for them.. don't just bin this email.. please share

1 hour ago
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4 hours ago
Mary Osborn left a comment on Prayer Requests
"God, please help the Church in China. Please protect the members, the place where they meet. I ask for peace for them. I also ask for new members and revival. God, You give the increase. In Jesus Christ's name, Amen."
16 hours ago
Pastor Rolf Anderson left a comment on Prayer Requests
"Please join me in praying for the Church in China- see: Forum- An Open Letter from the Church in China this date."
20 hours ago
Susann Lock, Mayara Miriam, elysse perry and 1 more joined Join the #1 Christian Social Network -
20 hours ago
Pastor Rolf Anderson posted a discussion
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ
I write to from inside the Chinese underground church, I am a foreign christian, who is married to a Chinese house church leader( you can call me KK.. everyone does)
Since I came here in 2012, we have had to move locations, four times, three of those in the last year, recently we found an ideal location, but again due to someone reporting us,  up to 50,000 rmb is offered for information, we have had to go to house churches.
Bob Fu, the head of China aid, said that winter is here, may I add, winter does pass. God in his providence has brought us into this time of persecution, he is clearly allowing it, and He and He alone will deal with the persecutors, he knows how to deliver the godly out of persecution.. amen
Just this morning, our pastor has had 5 phone calls from various agencies saying that we are an illegal gathering, this is the reality of the church in China, every registered church is being forced to sing patriotic songs and put up…
22 hours ago
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Ron Hughes updated their profile photo
The tomb is empty! He Has Risen! Praise be unto God!!!
linda f favorite left a comment on Christian Seniors
"Rejoice!! Today is Resurrection Sunday!! Jesus has risen!!"
linda f favorite liked Zomok, steve's photo
Sheila Joy Aritcheta liked Robert Hall's discussion The Carnal Christian
Abigail George and Ron Hughes are now friends
Happy Resurrection Day! All of our hope rests on Jesus rising from the dead, FULLY conquering death! He is WORTHY of all blessing and honor and glory.
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Zomok, steve posted a photo
For now call it, "Reflections on the Water". It is Yeshua walking away from the Jordan.  9 by 12 inches.. Happy Easter.
Thank you Pastor Rolf, I pray Gods richest blessings upon your life.
Ron Hughes updated their profile photo
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Mary Osborn and Chicerman Rebeca are now friends
Chicerman Rebeca and Pastor Rolf Anderson are now friends
Pastor Rolf Anderson left a comment on Prayer Requests
"I stand in agreement, Lord, In Jesus Name. AMEN."
Mary Osborn left a comment on Prayer Requests
"God, please bring Annette's friend's daughter home. Please protect her. And please keep Annette's friend in Your perfect peace. I ask for strength for her. In Jesus Christ's name, Amen."
Shanti Regester and Pastor Rolf Anderson are now friends
Sending all of my Brothers and Sisters an Easter wish that all are well, have all that they need and are resting in the knowledge they are loved the best by the LORD up above as well you are loved by your Brothers and Sisters in CHRIST.
  • Mary Osborn Thank you God bless you! I wish you the sweetest weekend remembering our Lord, how He died for us and His resurrection.
    The neighborhood church was rehearsing this afternoon. The weather has warmed up so they throw open the doors and windows. Such sweet music, and I caught some of tomorrow's sermon.  :-)  
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