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Welcome to the NEW! is a FREE Christian social network that was created so you could share and grow your faith with other Christians throughout the world. 

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Terry Stonebarger left a comment on GRIEF
"To the members of this newer Group"
10 hours ago
Asle Arevir and Dr. Derek P. Blake are now friends
11 hours ago
Dr. Derek P. Blake replied to Jeremiah Adams's discussion Is Anyone here that I could be friends with or conversate with
"Hi Jeremiah, please be aware that this is not a 'Chat Site', people are not here all the time, you have accepted my friend request and you just need to do that with other people that you feel an affinity with.  Start posting some discussions, or a blog.  As an administrator I possible come here more than most, and that is only four times a day, often just to just read the new posts.  You will only get something out of this site if you put something in, my friend."
11 hours ago
Annette McEndarfer left a comment on Daughters Of The King
"Can you believe that we are all this way through February???!!! I sure am looking forward to seeing GREEN though it may still be 3 months away. How is everyone doing? My crew and I are busy transforming our school room (homeschooling for 25 plus years) into a library/guest room. PHEW!!!!!!"
12 hours ago
Annette McEndarfer left a comment on Singles Group
"So where are you from? I'm in Northern Maine. We have broken our 200 inch record for a seasonal snowfall. It sure will be nice to see GREEN in a few months. They're calling for six more inches tomorrow."
12 hours ago
Pastor Rolf Anderson replied to Jeremiah Adams's discussion Is Anyone here that I could be friends with or conversate with
"Hi! You ARE getting responses. Follow them up with friend requests and messages to get to know people here. Theere are a LOT of people online on this site. They DO tend to be quiet, so take advantage of every contact.
Also, remember who would like to see you fail here- that old serpent in the garden, thats who! Rebuke him, and write to people here!
Bless you!"
14 hours ago
April Cross, Glen Jordan, Asle Arevir and 1 more joined Join the #1 Christian Social Network -
14 hours ago
Robert Hall replied to Jeremiah Adams's discussion Is Anyone here that I could be friends with or conversate with
"Hi JA, and you can know you're loved and not alone on any Christian site you join! Just try to think of what you might like to discuss and let it be known, and your post should get some replies.
God bless!"
19 hours ago
Annette McEndarfer replied to Jeremiah Adams's discussion Is Anyone here that I could be friends with or conversate with
"Jeremiah have you been seeing the responses to your posts? "
21 hours ago
Jeremiah Adams posted a discussion
I feel that nobody's here do people come to this site and even I joined the groups but nobody's there so I guess I'm a strager here and nobody wants me here so might as well be alone without any friends.
23 hours ago
Jeremiah Adams left a comment on O' The Joy!
"anyone here"
23 hours ago
Jeremiah Adams left a comment on O' The Joy!
23 hours ago
AmieLynn Miller and Sophie are now friends
Robert Hall replied to Robert Hall's discussion Romans VII Contrast  
"Sorry, suppose to be VIII, thanks."
Robert Hall posted a discussion
 The Eighth Chapter of Romans describes the identification of the two types of humanity: those who walk “after the flesh”; and those who walk “after the Spirit” (v 1). I think this discussion should begin with what Paul may have intended to mean by “walk after.” One might interpret this to relate to how one lives and another, how one desires to live, that is, we can seek to live according to the Spirit of God, but desire and do are not the same because the former leads to the latter.Initially all reborn (since the days of the Apostles) are at the “babe in Christ” (1Cor 3:1) point of maturity and begin to grow into “Christ’s image” by manifesting the desire for “the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby” (1Pe 2:2). Though the primary objective of redemption in the Lord Jesus is fully complete (salvation does not admit in degrees) at rebirth, “growing up into Him in all things” (Eph 4:15) is God’s work of “conformation” (Rom 8:29; 2Co 3:18) for the remnant of our earthly li…
linda f favorite liked Amanda Shannon's blog post Someone Such As I
Annette McEndarfer commented on Amanda Shannon's blog post Someone Such As I
"That's the best place to be in difficult times AND easier times.
Amanda Shannon posted a blog post
During difficult times, most people tend to withdraw or struggle to stay involved in the activities of day to day life. At such times, while I long to just curl up and hide from people, I don’t hide from Jesus but instead find myself sitting at His feet, reading and studying His Word, listening for His voice. I think this is fine with God and that in such times I need to be running to Him. After the resurrection we see Peter jumping out of the boat and racing to Jesus even though Peter had recently sinned by denying Jesus three times. There is no better place to be in my point of view, whether in good times or bad times, than at the feet of Jesus.
Dr. Derek P. Blake posted a blog post in The Torah
Ten Biblical Purposes for the Sabbath

Posted on Feb 14, 2019 by Mario Seiglie
Many people view the biblical Sabbath day as an obsolete burden. Some even view it as an absolute curse! But what does the Bible really say? What does it tell us about the purposes of the Sabbath?

One of God’s signature characteristics is how He can create multipurpose objects. Consider, for example, a tree. It fulfills many different goals—it provides fruit or seeds to eat, shade from the sun, wood for building and shelter for birds, while it also offsets erosion, fertilizes the soil with fallen leaves, humidifies the air, absorbs carbon dioxide, gives off oxygen, acts as a windbreaker and adds beauty to the world.
Let’s consider another of God’s creations that is not so tangible. It too fulfills many purposes for the benefit of mankind. This creation, a recurring period of time, is the Sabbath day that ends every week. We’ll look at 10 of the reasons found in the Bible for God’s creation of the…
Annette McEndarfer and Karin Johanson are now friends
Mary Osborn left a comment on Prayer Requests
"Hi Terri, God bless you! God, please remove whatever is oppressing Terri and relieve the depression. Please keep her in Your perfect peace and strengthen her. I also ask for healing for Teri. Please restore her health. In Jesus Christ's name, Amen."
Pastor Rolf Anderson left a comment on Singles Group
"You are very much welcome and we're all glad you spoke up! Contact me by message as a friend, too; anytime!"
Jackie Agecoutay and Pastor Rolf Anderson are now friends
Annette McEndarfer left a comment on Singles Group
"My family loves to celebrate and we wouldn't make you feel like an outsider. Good for you to acknowledge special days!!!! I believe strongly that as lovers of Jesus we are to be celebratory people, we've been blessed so much in so many ways!!!!!! Your comment stopped me in my tracks because the beginning of April marks three years of me being a widow and well I don't want to be single BUT I CAN celebrate that too in that I know the Lord has plans for me regardless of my status."
linda f favorite left a comment on Singles Group
"Many holidays go by and some of them make me feel like an outsider. I like to celebrate special days whether they are holy days or just for fun. Even on Valentines Day, it's not just about couples it's about love in general. At least to me it is. So I treated myself with an after dinner wine to celebrate."
Annette McEndarfer left a comment on Singles Group
"Linda, your post stopped me in my tracks. Celebration is a huge part of my life but I hadn't even thought about celebrating singleness."
Annette McEndarfer left a comment on Singles Group
"You are welcome here Jeremiah."
Jeremiah Adams left a comment on Singles Group
"hi guys,mind if I join you all because I'm searching for friends, I don't have any friends so please let me join you"
Terri Etier left a comment on Prayer Requests
"Thank you Annette, I appreciate all of your encouragement and prayers!"

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