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The concept of heaven has intrigued artists, theologians, and laypeople throughout history. According to recent polls, two-thirds of Americans believe that heaven is a real place. But what is heaven like? Is it a Hallmark card, filled with cherubs and celestial music? Or is it a Zen-like afterlife where the souls of good people go to be at peace? Can we really know anything definitive about it? Absolutely we can. The Bible presents a clear picture of heaven.

Heaven Defined

In the King James Vers

Many people tend to think the Holy Spirit is a mystical force or a cold emotionless power that God gives to all believers — this couldn’t be further from the truth. When trying to understand the identity of the Holy Spirit, its helpful to remember that the Holy Spirit is identified in the Bible as the third person in the Holy Trinity; The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Bible clearly states the Holy Spirit is the spiritual manifestation of our Heavenly Father and is a divine person wit

In order to gain a lucid perspicacity of this subject, the term Christian must be lucidly defined. Just because a person has been raised in a Christian home, recited some prayer or walked down the isle of the church does not mean that they are a Christian. All three of the aforementioned actions can very well be a part of the conversion experience; however, neither of them, in and of themselves, constitute conversion. From a biblical perspective, a Christian is someone who has completely receive

To adjust your privacy level or settings you can go to "Home" > "My Page" located in the main navigation at the top of the page under the Home tab/drop down menu. 

Once you are on your personal profile page go to the right hand side and you will see an "Options" dropdown >Simply select the "Edit Profile" as shown in the pic below:


From there you can change your name, your email address, your profile url, ask to not display your gender, birthday or age. You can also adjust your email settings an

Lent is a time of fasting and self-denial in the form of moderation that is observed by Catholics and some Protestant denominations. Lent begins with Ash Wednesday, ending on Easter Sunday. It originally described the forty days time that Jesus spent living in the wilderness and enduring the temptations of Satan. During the 4th century, the length was made to be 46 days (40 days not counting Sundays). During this time, observers eat in moderation or completely give up some habit. Many vow to giv

The Romans Road to salvation refers to a simple yet powerful way of explaining the Gospel or the "good news" of salvation by referring to Bible verses from the book of Romans that was written by the Apostle Paul.

The Romans Road to Salvation Answers These Burning Questions . . .

  • Why Do We Need Salvation?
  • How Did God Provide Salvation?
  • How Can We Receive Salvation?
  • What Are the Results of Salvation?
Why Do We Need Salvation?
Romans 3:23 states, "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory o

Many Christians devote hours to reading and studying the Bible. However, they often leave these studies with more questions than answers. There are ways to approach bible study that will help you gain more understanding of God's Word and form a closer relationship with Him.

1. Read for Comprehension

There are ways to read the Bible so that you grasp a full meaning. The Bible is the only way to know what God's plans are for you and the world, so it's important to grasp this message with all of it

The concept of heaven has intrigued artists, theologians, and laypeople throughout history. According to recent polls, two-thirds of Americans believe that heaven is a real place. But what is heaven really like? Is it a Hallmark card, filled with cherubs and celestial music? Or is it a Zen-like afterlife where the souls of good people go to be at peace? Can we really know anything definitive about it? Absolutely we can. The Bible presents a clear picture of heaven.

Heaven Defined
In the King Jam

One of the foremost questions often asked by Christians and non-Christians alike is why does God allow evil. There are a number of key verses strewn throughout the Bible that point towards what this answer could be. The following will provide an in-depth look at why God allows evil.

If God is Good, Then Why Allow Evil?
Isaiah 6:3 describes God as holy, while Psalm 7:11 describes God as righteous. Daniel 4:17-25 describes God as sovereign, while Deuteronomy 32:4 describes Him as just. These four

Many people are confused by Mormonism. The religion sounds a lot like Christianity, but there are some very major differences between the two. Most Mormons are generally good people. They're nice neighbors, they're kind individuals, and they have a genuine desire for a real connection with God. Unfortunately, they've fallen into the trap of a false belief system. Because of that, they don't have a real Christian understanding of God's nature, Jesus, or how to get salvation. Let's take a closer l

First and foremost you have to be the "Group Admin" or creator of the group to message all your members.

To message every member in your group simply click on the Christian group you are a member. Then click on the "Options" drop down located in the upper right hand corner of the Group page. From there, click the "Manage Members" from the same drop down menu as shown in the screen shot below.


Finally click the "Message All Members" as shown in the screenshot below, type in your subject, messag

The number of Christians around the world has increased fourfold over the last century. Today there are nearly two billion Christians around the globe, and many of these Christians want to find out more about the historicity of Jesus Christ. Did Jesus Christ really exist? What are some ways of finding out?

Sources Supporting Christ's Existence
When people pose these questions, they typically want to know if Jesus Christ existed outside of the Bible's New Testament. Although the Bible is a respec

While Christians strive to strengthen their relationship with the Lord and follow His word, many will come across those who are regressing. While it may seem confusing at first, the process of backsliding is discussed in the Bible. Understanding backslide in the Bible and how to spot it will allow Christians to help their fellow children of God.

What Does "Backslide" Really Mean?
Essentially, the term backslide, used in a Christian context, describes the process of regressing and moving away fro

In trying to describe what God is like, people need look no further than the Bible. Without it and the authority with which it possesses, trying to describe what God is like would simply be one's opinion, which would be a mistake in attempting to describe God (Job 42:7). Needless to say, everyone should attempt to understand what God is like. Those who do not often end up chasing and worshipping false gods that are opposite of His will (Exodus 20: 3-5), which inevitably leads to trouble in most

Is Homosexuality a Sin?
The Bible clearly teaches that homosexuality is a sin. There are several verses (Genesis 19:1-13; Leviticus 18:22; Leviticus 20:13; Romans 1:26-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9) in the Bible that deal with this subject, and Romans 1:26-27 shows that it is one outcome of disobeying God. This passage states that when people continue in rebellion against God, disbelieving God and refusing the gift of salvation, God allows them to experience more fully the weight of sin and wickedness i

This question has been spoken from the mouths of mere mortals since the beginning of time itself. For most people, the answer to this question could be as simple as yes or no and it cannot be proved or disproved. It's also interesting to consider the fact that many who are quick to answer 'no' or express indifference, are those who have either not cared to find out the truth, or those who have had no inkling of any sort of religion in one's life. Many of you probably know at least one person who

As imperfect people, we have a tendency to focus on others’ faults instead of our own. It’s easy to make judgments on other people’s behavior or actions, while at the same time minimizing our own sinful inclinations and imperfections. Jesus understood this tendency of humans well, which is why he told his followers to “Stop judging that you may not be judged” (Matt 7:1). 

Jesus Teaches Us How to Judge
In Matthew 7:1, Jesus tells us not to judge hypocritically.  The Bible makes it very clear what

Each member will be awarded a badge based on theirparticipation level. The badge will be shown on your profile pic throughout our community.

Here Are Four Exclusive Badges That You Can Earn:


Newcomer Badge - All new members will receive the "Newcomer" badge until they start becoming more active in the CLM community by: updating their profile, commenting on other posts, making friends new friends, creating a blog post, posting in the forum, liking other content, contributing to community, etc..


In order to create a Blog post you need to first click on the "Blog" tab in the main navigation located at the top of the page.; see above screenshot. 


Next click the oversize "+" (plus) button located in the top right-hand corner of the page as shown in the picture above.


Then simply . . .

  1. Type in your title (you may wanna do this last)
  2. Type in your article content and to enhance your article you can add a hyperlink, picture, video, plain text, or a file attachment.
  3. Add an optional excerpt

Once you are logged in as a Christians Like Me (CLM) member simply click the letter / message icon located in the upper right-hand corner of your screen; see screenshot above. This will allow you to private message any member on the Christians Like Me social network.


A message box will then appear, click the "+" sign to create a new message; see screenshot above.


After you click the "+" sign it will take you to a "Messages" page. In the "Send To" field simply start typing any members name and

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