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We want you to get the most out of the ChristiansLikeMe community and your relationship with Christ. We pray and search the scriptures for Biblical truth. 

Please read our most frequently asked questions below.

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Website Questions (5)

First and foremost you have to be the "Group Admin" or creator of the group to message all your members.

To message every member in your group simply click on the Christian group you are a member. Then click on the "Options" drop down located in the upper right hand corner of the Group page. From there, click the "Manage Members" from the same drop down menu as shown in the…

Each member will be awarded a badge based on theirparticipation level. The badge will be shown on your profile pic throughout our community.

Here Are Four Exclusive Badges That You Can Earn:


Newcomer Badge - All new members will receive the "Newcomer" badge until they start becoming more active in the CLM community by: updating their profile, commenting on other posts, making friends new friends,…


In order to create a Blog post you need to first click on the "Blog" tab in the main navigation located at the top of the page.; see above screenshot. 


Next click the oversize "+" (plus) button located in the top right-hand corner…

Once you are logged in as a Christians Like Me (CLM) member simply click the letter / message icon located in the upper right-hand corner of your screen; see screenshot above. This will allow you to private message any member on the Christians Like Me social network.


A message box will then appear, click the "+" sign to create a new message; see screenshot…

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