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1/18/2020 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater Pastor Keith “Dead To The World” I Corinthians 1:18-25


In the former days, Christians did not want a cross because it was an instrument of death used to crucify Christians. Jesus said “Take up your cross and follow me”. He wants you to be dead to the world. We are to follow Jesus and live a new life. Our old selves were crucified with Jesus Christ. We are to be dead to the world and alive in Jesus Christ. Jesus wants us to be dead to the world!

We are to resolve and decide that we know nothing but JESUS.  At work we should perform like Jesus is our supervisor. If we focus our thoughts on Jesus, to take up our cross then we should be able to treat our family right. In our leisure time, we should focus our time on thinking about the Lord. We should display our Faith outside of the Church building. We are a representative of Jesus Christ. We are saved at the Cross to be a representative of Jesus and God Almighty.  We are called to be Christians FIRST and Americans second. We are called to be Christians FIRST and employees at our job second. We are called to be Christians FIRST before anything else we do and are. Period! If people don’t like this, too bad!!

Our whole life should be wrapped up in Jesus the Son of God and nothing else. Think about it if you died tomorrow.  What would they put in your coffin? What is the most important you? Will they put mementoes of fishing, clothes, money, motorcycles? Or will they put symbols of your FAITH in God and Jesus, like a Bible? We need to think on this and to also thank God and Jesus for what they have done in our lives.



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  • Jesus told us to take our cross and follow Him. Why then we don't follow Him by breaking His commandments? And Jesus also warn US to be better then the Pharisees. 

    Look in Matthew 5:17-20. Jesus says 'think not' or 'not think'. Verse 17:18. But today Christians are thinking that His dead on the cross has put an End to God's Immutable LAW. And verse 20 is the key for entering in heaven. 

    Who shall we obey, God teaching or man's teaching?

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