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70 Weeks of Daniel

For a better understanding of Israel in end times prophecy, let we studied the 70 weeks of Daniel prophecy. 

This is a amazing prophecy that provides us to with a number of important truths. 

The 70 weeks prophecy of Daniel gives us an important starting date for the 2300 days (years) prophecy of Daniel 8. It also gives us a definitive time frame that God gave the Jews as a nation to turn to Him and accept Jesus. And most important of all it confirms Jesus Christ as the Messiah. In this amazing study we will find out exactly what happened to the Jewish nation when this time prophecy was fulfilled and came to an end.

It is interesting that the non-Messianic Jews who these 70 weeks of Daniel partly concerns, actually leave it well alone, because they believe it to be accursed. The tragic thing is, if they really studied and heeded what it said, then they would have realized how exactly Jesus was. This is one reason why Bible prophecy is so important for us. 

Unfortunatel, these days we have so many interpretations of end times Bible prophecy.  Why is that? Well, One of the reasons is that TRUE Bible prophecy point to the Roman Catholic Church  as the Bible Antichrist, and therefore, as a counter to the well known Christian reformation which exposed the Papal Church of Rome as antichrist, they commissioned Jesuits priests to think of different interpretations, so that the Roman Catholic Church no longer stood as  antichrist (according to the new false Jesuit interpretations.) How did they do this? By cutting of 7 years of the 70 weeks of Daniel and putting it in the future, where a future  (different) antichrist would put an end to the sacrifice in a rebuild temple in Israel, and sadly the majority of Christians have fallen for this false teaching of Rome. 

How do you know that you find the truth here? Because we only used the WORD of God and historical facts to reveal the truth. 

Many Christians, as said above, cut off the 7 years from this 70 weeks prophecyof Daniel and placed them in the future, but there is not a single line of scripture that tell us to do this. 

So let me start by saying that the seventy weeks of Daniel are seventy CONTINUES weeks of prophetic time. This is so important to grasp. There are no gaps in between this prophecy, but a continues unbroken time line. There is no scriptural support for the theory that the last week of this 70 weeks is cut off and placed it in the future, like so many people like to believe. So how long is the 70 'prophetic' weeks? We will find out below. Let's now delve into this fascinating Bible prophecy of Daniel, the great prophet and servent of God. Daniel 9:2.

Daniel was a student of Jeremiah's prophecies, and understood that the 70 years of captivity for the Israelites has comes to an end. Jeremiah 25:11-12.

The seventy years that Jeremiah had prophesied about had now to come to an end with the fall of Babylon.

Daniel now comes before God in prayer. Take a good look how Daniel approaches our Heavenly Father. Daniel 9:3-4.

How does the majority of the Christian world today come to God? We seems to think these days that a quick prayer without even bowed head will do. There is very little reverence for God this days, so we need to learn a lesson from Daniel. He came to God in prayer with, Fasting Sackcloth and Ashes!!, does that mean we need to covered in sackcloth and ashes? No, but we need to take the lesson of reverence and humility from Daniel. And how doeshe adress God? 'The great and dreadful God'. He has complete reverence for our Almighty Creator and glorious way if the church would learn how to come before Him. So why does Daniel come before God in prayer? Daniel 9:5-6. 

The Israelites kept falling into sin and desobeing God, and if you study through the Old Testament you will find that they kept falling into apostasy over and over again and that is why they were taken into captivity, because of their many sins, and constant turning from the LORD. So Daniel comes before God to confess their sins and ask for forgiveness. So this is a good lesson for us in that we should be asking for forgiveness for others we know, not just for ourselves. Daniel doesn't pray for himself, he prays for ALL Israel. Daniel 9:20-22.

Daniel was given a vision in chapter 8, and now during his prayer, the angel Gabriel was commanded by God to go and give Daniel understanding about the vision given. Now we know that this was concerning the vision in chapter 8. Because there is no other vision given to Daniel between that time and his prayer in chapter 9. The vision is concerning the 2300 days (from chapter 8) where at the end of the vision, if you read it, you will find that Daniel fainted and was silk and couldn't understand the vision (Daniel 8:27). Gabriel had come now to give Daniel 'skill and understanding' about the vision. Daniel 9:24. 

At mentioned at the start of this page, this prophecy of the 70 weeks were given to the Jews to put an end to their sin. God choose the nation of Israel to be a light to the World, to take God's Word to the world and bring glory to Him. But, the Israelites failed because their constant sin and apostasy.  So now God through Daniel gives them 70 weeks to put an end once and for all to their falling away, otherwise He will would take away from them their special status of being the chosen nation and give it to someone else. Jesus confirmed this Himself when He said in Matthew 21:43.

Why Jesus say this? Because the nation of Israel had failed. They didn't end their sin and rebellion against God's law, and they didn't accept Jesus as their Saviour. So the kingdom of God was taken from them and given to the Gentiles (anyone who accepts Jesus Christ). Did this mean that the Jews were lost? No, it just means that they no longer enjoyed special status as God's only special people. "The kingdom of God shall be taken from you (Jews) and given to another nation (Gentiles)". 

Are the 70 Weeks of Daniel Literal Weeks? No, you see in Bible prophecy a day equal a year. Note the two following scriptures: Ezekiel 4:6. Numbers 14:34.

So one day in Bible prophecy is one literal year. So let's calculate the 70 weeks 70×7=490. So the 70 weeks is 490 prophetic days, but taking into account that a day is a year in Bible prophecy, then this 70 weeks is actual 490 years. Most Bible scholarsare in agreement that tis time period is actually 490 years, not days. So to remain as God's special chosen nation, Isreal have 490 years to put a complete end to their sins.  But when did the 490 years start?

Starting Point for 70 Weeks 

Daniel 9:25. Ezra 7:13,20

Artaxerxes issued the above agree in 457BC. This is were some people disagree, because the command to rebuild Jerusalem had already been given by Syrus, and the rebuilding had already started. We find this degree in Ezra 1:3.

This degree was given in 539BC. But the Israelites were force to stop rebuilding the city by Artaxerxes. Ezra 4:21-23.

But notice that they were the ONLY stop UNTIL they were given an other command by Artaxerxes to continue. So it is at the second command that the 490 years (70 weeks prophecy begins.

Is there any way we can be sure that we have chosen the right command? Yes! There is a very sure way of knowing that we have chosen the right one, because within this 70 weeks (490) years prophecy, Christ is reveal as the Messaiah. Daniel 9:25.

Did you notice there, from the command until MESSAIAH THE PRINCE? This is none other then Christ Jesus. So, we need to do some easy straightforward calculating to work this out. The seven weeks and threescore and two weeks in the above above verse is 69 weeks, which amount to 483 days. Now we know a Bible day is a year. So this 483 days is actually 483 years AFTER the command  (second command of Artacerxes) to rebuild Jerusalem, Jesus would be revealed as the Messaiah. This is the important bit as to know which command to choose: 

If you choose the first command by Cyrus in 539BC and take away 483 years, we come to 53BC.

If you choose the second command by Artaxeres in 457BC and take away the 483 years, we come to 27AD.

What happened in 53BC? Nothing that concerned Jesus. 

What happened in 27AD? Jesus baptism! He is revealed as Messaiah. 

So now you can see why the second command by Artaxerxes HAS to be used. Not that we need any more confirmation that we using the right starting point with the second command, but God amazing truth gives us even more confirmation. You see, in Daniel 9:25, the angel Gabriel gives two time periods,  'one period of the 7 weeks' and the other period of 'threescore and two weeks' which equates with 434 years. Now if we take 434 from 408BC (when rebuilding the city had finished) we come to 27AD, Jesus baptism. 

The Roman army in 70AD, came and destroyed the city of Jerusalem: 

"In AD66, when Cestius came against the city, but withdrew the Christian decerned in this the sign foretold by Christ and fled, while 1,1001,000 Jews are said that have been killed in the terrible siege in AD70" Eusebius, Church History, book 3, Chapter 5.




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  • I must respectfully disagree with some of what you posted.

    1. Even though the Reformers thought the pope was the antichrist, it was not so. There are prophetic parameters given for when the antichrist shows up that no pope has ever fulfilled, even to this day. Paul in 2 Thess.2 shows the antichrist will set himself up as God in a Jewish temple in Jerusalem. Our Lord Jesus showed the antichrist will appear in Jerusalem working great signs and wonders that would deceive even His very elect if it were possible, and He connected that working with the placing of the "abomination of desolation" idol spoken of in the Book of Daniel (i.e., Dan.11). And that connects to the 2nd beast of Rev.13 that is to come working the great signs and wonders and miracles, raining fire down from heaven in the sight of men.

    Another major Bible proof that it's not about a pope is the antichrist will be accepted by the orthodox Jews as their awaited Messiah, when the antichrist will not be the True Messiah (Jesus). And still yet another prophetic parameter for the coming false one called antichrist is he will be setup as king in Jerusalem over the Jews and over all peoples and nations (Rev.17 & 13). No pope has ever done that.


    2. The 474 B.C. is actually the commencement of Artaxerxes' reign, and is from Bishop Ussher's Collatio Annorum. Ussher's date was A.M. 3531 which gave that 474 B.C. date. So the 20th year of Artaxerxes' reign per Nehemiah 2:1 was actually 454 B.C., and that's the real start date of the command to restore we should use. It makes the 483 years after that come out to 29 A.D., the year of the cross, and thus the cutting off per Dan.9:25-26. (It was discovered long ago that our calendar is off 4 years from the Anno Domini declaration, thus our Lord Jesus was actually born in 4 B.C.).


    3.  Daniel 9 gives 3 separate periods for the 70 weeks.
    a. - 7 weeks (or sevens) = 49 years
    b. - 62 weeks = 434 years
    c. - 1 week = 7 years

    Messiah would be 'cut off' right at the end of the 69th week. That was the year of the cross, 29 A.D.

    There is no way one can push the 3rd period, the final "one week", back into the 2nd period. That is what one is trying to do by claiming the final "one week" (3rd period) was fulfilled in the days of our Lord Jesus. The 69th week ended with the cross, not at the start of Christ's 3 year Ministry.


    4.  The Daniel 9:27 final "one week" (the 70th), its events are covered in greater detail in Daniel 11 with the "vile person". The Dan.9:27 verse is specifically about a false one coming to make a covenant and end sacrifices and then setup an abomination idol on a wing of the temple. That is the very subject in Daniel 11 of what the "vile person" is to do. There is no reason to just bypass those details in the Daniel 11 chapter that are hard-linked to the Daniel 9:27 verse by subject.

    5.  Per Daniel 11 with the "vile person", we discover the "league" he makes in Jerusalem is what the Dan.9:27 "covenant" is about, as it will re-establish old covenant sacrifices and the temple in Jerusalem again. So the "holy covenant" mentioned there in Dan.11 is what is the agreement in Jerusalem is about. Then after a period the vile person will be against that holy covenant, and will end sacrifices in Jerusalem and instead have the abomination that maketh desolate placed in false worship. These events are still... future to us today. It has never happened in history, no matter how hard some try to insert Antiochus Epiphanes as that "vile person".

    6.  Antiochus Epiphanes in 165-170 B.C. did... almost fulfill the Dan.9:27 and Dan.11 "vile person" prophecy. His army took Jerusalem and he went inside the temple and sacrificed swine upon the altar, and then setup an idol on the altar in Zeus worship. Yet we know the prophecy is not... about Antiochus, simply because our Lord Jesus warned about the placing of the abomination of desolation about 200 years after Antiochus IV had long been dead.

    7.  The 2300 year period given in Daniel 8 can only be set by placing its end with the day of Christ's return. The Dan.9:24 seventy weeks prophecy is specific to Jerusalem and her people (i.e., the orthodox Jews), not to Christ's Church. So have these given parameters in the prophecy been fulfilled for Jerusalem and the Jews?

    a. - "to finish the transgression" -- the transgression being about the placing of an idol abomination in a temple in Jerusalem. Again, we know it wasn't Antiochus, even though he set the blueprint. Since the 2nd temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 A.D., it has not been possible for this transgression to be fulfilled. It requires a standing Jewish temple. And just so happens, today, the orthodox Jews in Jerusalem have for years now been gathering the materials to build their new temple. (see Land of Israel and Temple Mount Faithful)

    b. "and to make an end of sins" -- did this happen for the orthodox Jews in Jerusalem? No, of course not. It happened for Christ's Church, those who believe on Jesus of Nazareth as God's Promised Savior and Perfect Sacrifice for sin. This is still yet to be fulfilled for Jerusalem today.

    c. "and to make reconcilliation for iniquity" -- again, this is yet to happen for the orthodox unbelieving Jews and Jerusalem. The city of Jerusalem is not... a Christian city today. It is still in rebellion against The Father and His Son.

    d. "and to bring in everlasting righteousness" -- still not yet fulfilled for the Jews and Jerusalem. The majority of Jews today still reject Jesus as Messiah. This will change when He returns, and then this will be true in Jerusalem. But first, a fake Messiah (the Antichrist) shall come to Jerusalem and play God, fooling the majority of the Jews and the world. So really the worst time for false worship in Jerusalem's history is still yet to come at the very end of this world. It will be the final siege of Jerusalem.

    e. "and to seal up the vision and prophecy" - this means the whole 70 weeks period in final, which points to the day of Christ's return.

    f. "and to anoint the most holy" -- this is about the cleansing of the future sanctuary of the Book of Ezekiel. This will only happen after the day of Christ's return.



    • I understand what you are saying but see the picture with your Bible my friend. And why the pope is the antichrist? Because they have declare themselves that they are in the place of JESUS on earth. So nobody can take Jesus place. Why? Because Jesus has died once and lived now forever. We don't need an other high priest. Read the book of Hebrews. 

This reply was deleted.

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