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9/14/19 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater, FL Pastor Keith “God’s Servant” John 12:36


The best leaders see themselves as servants. The best Christian leaders are those who behave as servants of God. Jesus was a servant of God. He, being made a man of obedience, died on the cross. We are to have the same attitude of humility and obedience to God. Jesus said we are to be servants and as God sent Jesus, Jesus also sends us on a mission to spread the Gospel.

We are to be in a servant role with God as our Lord and Master. The biblical picture of servant is where God works through us and with us. It’s like the potter and clay in the book of Jeremiah. The potter found the clay and formed it into a pot. God can do the same with us like the clay in the potter’s hand. Clay has to be molded and shaped into being useful.

As God’s servants we must:

  • Remain moldable and shapeable
  • Remain available for God because without Him we can do nothing.
  • Adjust our life for Him so He can use us for His service.

Adjusting his life for God is what Elijah did in I Kings when dealing with the prophets of Baal. The idol Baal didn’t show up when called but God did! God burned up the sacrifice, the altar and the water! God displayed His power and Elijah was just doing what God told him to do. Elijah didn’t take credit for nothing! He said that he was just a servant of God. Elijah said all the things he did, it was God doing it. Elijah didn’t have the ability to bring fire down from the sky to burn up the altar, but God did!

Jesus was a perfect example of being a servant to God. What can we do? We, as humans, can pray and God will respond. We need to humble ourselves into the role of servant and be obedient. God used Elijah to affect the nation of Israel. God also used Apostles Peter and John to spread the Gospel. They humbled themselves to God and were obedient to Jesus. They were common people but their association with Jesus made them leaders that changed the world!

The world has yet to see what God will do with a man that is fully consecrated to Him. The man doesn’t have to be fully educated but just be available for God.  We should all just lay ourselves at the Master’s feet and say “use me Lord”. Surrender and yield your life to God and He will use you. God can work in extraordinary ways for His Kingdom through people dedicated to Him. God can use anyone He chooses to bring glory to God. Only God can do it.


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