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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ
I write to from inside the Chinese underground church, I am a foreign christian, who is married to a Chinese house church leader( you can call me KK.. everyone does)
Since I came here in 2012, we have had to move locations, four times, three of those in the last year, recently we found an ideal location, but again due to someone reporting us,  up to 50,000 rmb is offered for information, we have had to go to house churches.
Bob Fu, the head of China aid, said that winter is here, may I add, winter does pass. God in his providence has brought us into this time of persecution, he is clearly allowing it, and He and He alone will deal with the persecutors, he knows how to deliver the godly out of persecution.. amen
Just this morning, our pastor has had 5 phone calls from various agencies saying that we are an illegal gathering, this is the reality of the church in China, every registered church is being forced to sing patriotic songs and put up pictures of the leader. Many of these churches have been torn down
We are not asking for sympathy, this is nothing to what our Saviour went through and nothing to the glory that will be revealed in us when we see him as he is.
We are asking for passionate prayer from our brothers and sisters, no money. Please feel free to do what you wish with this email.. print it out to your church, tell whoever you feel led to, your MP, or Senator even.
What to Pray for:
Divine Protection Psalm 91:1-2
Divine Boldness 2 timothy 4:1-2
Holy Spirit empowerment Ephesians 5:18
Repentance and deep revival within the church that will touch the whole of China 2 Chronicles 7:12-16
I am a brother who loves the Lord, his brethren especially the Chinese church. This is hand to hand combat, this is very serious, the devil is going nuts, the very survival of the Chinese church depends on us winning the battle in prayer
Please share this on whatever social media platform you are able. Please especially yell your local Chinese Church/Campus group what is happening
God bless you my beloved brothers and sisters
God remembers your prayers and answers them to glory himself.. amen
With sincere love and thanks
KK and the Underground church in China

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