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I was listening to someone on the radio speak about Revelation 11 and the two Witnesses.  He was one of those that promotes the popular Futurist/Dispensational view that these are two literal guys with special powers that appear at the last few years of the age.  I know this is a popular view and if a movie is made based on this position it looks more like a Science Fiction flick than something Biblical.  It seemingly is promoted by those that want excitment and book sales, however it is probably not very Biblical.  In my opinion it does not follow proper Bible Hermenuetics (principles of Interpretation).

We have to keep in mind that the Bible uses various genres/styles of language. There is poetry, figures of speech, parables, rounded numbers, .......  There is also Apocalyptic literature full of symbolism and metaphors.  One can't just view everything as literal.  When it comes to symbols in The Book of Revelation I have learned that symbols represent things that are bigger than the symbols themselves.  This is one reason I view the "Two Witnesses" of Rev. 11 as more than two individuals.  I feel a case can be made that the witnesses represent the whole body of true believers in Jesus Christ.

If we go back into the Old Testament we find in Deuteronomy 19:15 a rule that is to be followed about criminal convictions. It tells us that we need more than a single witness.  We need two or more.  Although this is not symbolic it is related to Revelation 11.  The body of true Christian believers are all witnesses and we are in a spiritually dead world where the majority are part of a cult of self-worship.  We also hear almost daily of people being killed or persecuted by governments and fanatics around the world.  We also know that God works through his people much more often than doing outright miracles.  There are signs and wonders all around us.  I feel that this is a better out look than what is often sensationalized by cheap movies but it does not have that Sci-fy excitement. 

The "Last Days" began in the 1st century as the Book of Acts tells us in chapter 2 as true believers, which were witnesses delt with the people around them.  We today are to continue until the single second coming comes.. Do you agree or disagree in some ways?

Pastor Zomok

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  • Well, I'm not really a Futurist, nor a Dispensationalist, yet I believe it's not a good idea to try and associate those two seminary terms with a literal interpretation of God's two witnesses of Rev.11.

    In Rev.11 we are shown the two witnesses will be killed, and their dead bodies left laying in the street, and the nations shall see their dead bodies laying in the street, in Jerusalem. Those are simply too many non-symbolic literal specifics given to be just an analogy. When God's Word gives those kind of specifics, it's meant literally.

    But the 'two witnesses' are not the only ones being described there. In Rev.11:4 two candlesticks are also mentioned. In Rev.1 Jesus revealed the candlesticks represent the Churches. So in the Rev.11 case, it's about two Churches also.

    Per our Lord Jesus' Messages to the seven Churches, which Churches did He have no problem with? Those two represent His elect I believe. And I believe the delivering up at the very end will be a global event, not just in Jerusalem with the "two witnesses". Yet I strongly believe God is going to send two literal men as the two witnesses, to Jerusalem, and they will fulfill roles like Moses and Aaron did in Egypt.



  • Until you brought it up, I've never thought about it. It's a lot to think about. Thank you for the discussion.  I've read a teaching where the writer (no names) claimed to be one of the two and so-and-so is the other. He claims they both know. Neither one of them are in Israel. I would think they would be in Israel if they're preparing for prophecy to unfold.??? What do you think? That was my first thought upon reading the article. Why aren't you in Israel proclaiming the good news and preparing?

    God bless,


    • In this day and age people can fly around the globe in just hours.  I would say the person you mention is a false teacher, perhaps, delusional.  These type of individuals might even gather a following and form a cult.  They should be avoided.

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