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Any friendly people here


Hi there, my name is Jeremiah Adams, the reason that I came here is to make new friends, in my area I don't have any friends so I'm joining this site to make new friends. I wanted to give up on making new friends because I was skeptical about how people would treat me so for me it was hopeless to make friends in my area because people might reject me or not speak to me but all I ever wanted was to make new friends.

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  • Hi there. I pray you will find the site to be very friendly and warm and a great blessing to you!

  • Welcome to CLM Jeremiah.  This site is a very good site and as a community it is, perhaps, the best of Christian communities.  We all vary here and this site seems to follow the tolaration that Paul advocates in Romans 14.  

    I am an Independent Christian Minister, age 60, who promotes Christian Apologetics and good things such as painting.  Some consider me the resident artist.  I have been a Christian believer since 1971. We must not judge harshly the customs of fellow Christians, but be motivated by love. I am unique and do not fit into Protestant or Catholic molds, nor do I follow Eastern Orthodoxy. As indicated I am an advocate of "apologetics". In the last 5 years I have moved closer and closer toward Christian Universalism, which is not unitarianism, nor is it Pluralism. I believe Jesus will eventually reconcile everything and completely reverse the fall (1 Cor. 15:22), (John 12:28). People are not naturally immortal but when they believe in Christ they come to life (John 10:27--). When a fellow believer passes from this world they are still alive to the Lord and at rest. They are just more distant and we must keep fellowship/communion with the saints. If this implies that we pray for them then so be it. Your very tears for them are like prayers to God from the heart. Much of this can be debated but we believe Jesus is the divine savior and try to be cordial.

    Another thing too Jeremiah is that after you are here for awhile you might consider starting a group or perhaps becoming a group leader of a group that currently has been vacated.  We also have a near library of forum posts and blogs.  May the Lord guide you.

  • Hi Jeremiah, God bless you!

    Welcome to CLM. CLM's a nice Christian site. Just look around and give us a chance.

  • Hi Jeremiah,

    Welcome here. Hey look you already have two friends here. Both of those men are good men and do a great deal for the managing of this site. It might take some time for folks to reach out here because they're not on here all the time but check out the site, do what you can to engage and again... give it time. Be blessed.

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