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Note: Embedded weblinks, normally not allowed, are allowed Pastor Hobkirk as he's writing from inside a persecuted church. See the Group Notes from Nanjing for more info.
lease continue to lift us up here in China .. K and H. continue to pray for our little church, we have a special meeting for the men on Saturday, please pray that many men would come and be touched by the power of the gospel. Please pray for the safety of the one who will share, please pray for the pastors and church leaders in China that they would not compromise the truth of the gospel and that they would preach Christ and Him Crucified. Please pray that god would raise up many workers to go the many minority peoples still untouched by the gospel, some like the ones below are very small, please take time to click on the links and pray for them and also listen to the two short messages. These people cannot pray for themselves, please intercede for them
is this all by john macduff
in my fathers house by russ sukha

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