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According to the book of Daniel sapter 12 vs 4 which comfirmed Knowledge to be increased at the end time.
Today we can read our Bible on android, ipad, tablet and so on.
Now the question is that. How do you feel inspired when you read your Bible on any of devices mentioned compared to when you reed your manual Bible? Unbiase response please.



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  • I do not prefer one over the other, although I like the smell of clean leather covers on books.

  • great form of communication yes

  • Personally, I feel (and I do mean FEEL, this is a feeling, not just a thought) that when my main copy of God's Word is in my hands (in printed form) that, well- it's special somehow. It's more than just a book printed out on paper. I've been using it for many years, read it cover to cover 4 times, writing copiously each time and nothing electronic could ever replace it. I have a Logos subscription of the Bible and can look things up fast but prefer the topical index printed out in the back of my book Bible and use it mostly. I may be old fashioned, and maybe a little behind the times but personally, thats where I'm at and I thought since it differed from my good friend and brother Dr Derek here that I should include it in your comments. God Bless you and whatever form of God's Word you use!

    • I tend to agree Rolf, when I was preaching, having a hard copy of the Bible in my hand was very comforting and you are right that there is something special about a printed Bible.  I feel however   that we must be careful that we do not ascribe a talisman power to it, like swearing oaths on it (which we are told not to do). In the end it is just paper and ink.  

      What I like is that I can only carry one version of the Bible with me, electronically, I can carry dozens, even on my phone, and for me that beats paper and ink hands down.

  • I could not agree less with Dr Derek. However what you said is also true. Sometime you could divert your calls but remember to turn it back.Don't also forget that the best time to do our indepth study is our free period.I use separate device to avoid distractions while i put away my phone. Unfortunately, our youth who are expected to leverage on technology for better are using it for another thing.

    • I am not too sure what you are saying here Joseph, first you say they you don not agree with me, then, it seems that you also use an electronic device, so I am not sure what you are disagreeing with.  Maybe you could clarify the point.


      • Doc, saying "I could not agree less with your view", I mean I agreed with you completely. Sir, we are operating on this same page on electronic tools.


        • Sorry Joseph, when someone says they are 'less' in agreement I take it that they do not agree with me, what I would have understood was if you had 'I could not agree more with your view,' or even 'I could not disagree less with your view'.  Sorry for the confusion, possibly a language or cultural difference, anyway thank you for agreeing with me, my friend.


  • To me there is no difference between the Bible on my computer, tablet or i-Phone, surely it is all God's word?  When we purchase a book or a Bible, the money we spend is on the paper and ink, the binding process, the cover design, the profit for the printer, the publisher and the shop where you bought it.  The contents, the story, knowledge and wisdom that comes with that book is the important part, so how much of what we pay is for that is always unknown.  In reality it is the content that matters, not the paper, ink or tablet screen.

    On my i-pad tablet I have several translations of the Bible some with Strong's dictionary, where you just tap on an certain word and the literal definition pops up in either Hebrew or Greek, some even have the Aramaic, in which much of the Gospels were originally written.  There are many apps that you can purchase, some even free, that help you to study God's word and will tell you the the precise literal meanings of words.  I love doing the research, and I always encourage others to do the research also, and read other 'literal' versions (NOT the paraphrased versions like the Message or Living Bible).  One I especially find helpful is Young's Literal Translation (YLT); Robert Young, an expert in ancient languages, sought to produce a literal translation that preserved the original syntax and grammar of the oldest texts.

    When one has so many facilities to hand to enable us to study The Word, I believe we should make full use of them, I have a wide range of Bibles on my laptop, both of my tablet computers and on my smart-phone.  In this way, no matter where I am I can find a reference quickly and easily and able to answer questions.  Yes in the latter days knowledge will increase, but sadly that seldom applies to the knowledge that Christians have, they seem to rely upon what the pastor says, instead of finding out what God says directly.

    • Thanks Dr. Blake for your input, now i have more understanding about this but the only concern i have  is when you have a Bible software dounloaded on your smart phone and you are to study the word of God on it, sudenly you receive an important call from your buss in which you must answer. I want to believe the person has been distracted already and you know sir, study the word of God has to do with full concentration, that is the only area i see that it may not look like when we read our manual bible without any distraction. 

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